Like a car crash. But I cant take my eyes off

There is this free to air channel here in Italy called Deejay TV which is kind of like Italian styled MTV which plays music videos as well as comedy skits later in the evening.

Having a telley in the kitchen, I enjoy tuning to the channel and listening to the music while doing banal chores like washing the dishes and preparing food. And since the start of the fasting month, Cart and I have been tuning in to break the 4am stillness and make it more lively.

We discovered a program called “The Club” where there will be a video profile of someone introducing themselves, answering provocative questions and are able to be contacted via SMS. I found myself morbidly fascinated.

This one here says that she did it in a carabinieri barrack.

This one here says that he really really really wants to find a girlfriend.

This guy here is currently working as a stripper.

And this one here says that she’s lost trust in all men. And she’s only 19!

What? Why are you telling all these private stuff to everyone? Do you people realise that you are scaring away potential friends by your desperate-ness? I’m horrified. And yet I cant seem to take my eyes off. Its like a car crash where everyone wants to see the action.

Vuoi conoscermi? Do you want to know me?

NO! Get a shower first!

7 Replies to “Like a car crash. But I cant take my eyes off”

  1. I ADORE Deejay TV, and I’m pretty much always listening to Radio Deejay, but those endless repeats of randoms on The Club are really starting to get on my nerves now, I wish they’d get rid of it!! All Music used to have it too, and it was just as annoying!

    1. I’m horrified by the club, but its like a car crash that I just cant help to look at. Hahaha! In the end I had fun grimacing at the grossness of it all because the good thing is that its only a tolerable 3 or 4 at a time rather than a full one hour. In that case, I’d rather switch to another channel.

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