Carpisa – Made in Italy bags

Its still the last few days before the summer sale ends and I wanted to take advantage of this to buy some presents for my family. I was wondering what to get till I walked past a Carpisa shop. Its a clean-design looking shop but warm and inviting. And when you enter a Carpisa shop, you cant help to notice their green turtle mascot.

Looking around, I instantly knew that this would be lovely presents for my mum and my sister. While there are a few unfashionable looking things, mostly are a plentiful of stylish, wearable bags. But the prices were affordable, with many of them costing about 25 euro and above. And with the sale going on, all of the items were 50% off.

While as much as sometimes I doubt the genuinity of some “made in Italy” goods, Carpisa looks legit as there are so many branches and sold in many large shopping areas. Moreover the brand has been around for about 10 years so its reputable.

After much peering, and contemplating,I finally decided on a couple of bags and I think I’ll just show them here.

For myself, I chose this simple but elegant beige handbag with tan trimmings with a matching wallet to replace my old and fraying one. I like this design as it looked wearable enough for work but is still looks casual. And its roomy enough to put all my portable necessities. All I need now is a nice pair of tan shoes and I’ll have matching everything.

Because of the sale, I got both the wallet and bag at under 22 euro! There is also a pink as well as a green version of this bag. I think I would have liked the green one better I think. Too bad its sold out.

For my sister, I chose this fierce looking gold bag with faux snake trimmings. It looks stylish. If she doesn’t like it, I’ll take it back.

And for my mum, I chose this luxurious cream coloured leather bag which looks perfect for going to events. I think she’d love it. If she doesn’t, I’ll take it back too πŸ˜›

But I’m not going to post the prices for these two bags as they are going to be presents. Even though they are both individually more expensive than my bag, the last thing I would like, is that my sister and mum start to fight with things like “I am more special! My bag is more expensive than yours!

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      1. but i still like it the most! haha.. it’s not abt the price, i guess. hurhur. i also like the pink n white tote that u photographed in the window. the one right below the ‘IS’ of carpisa…

        so many beautiful bagggssss. but i can’t get any more bags cos i recently bought two at …

  1. I purchased a lovely Carpisa wallet in Sept. 2009 while my husband and I were visiting Italy. I love the wallet but it’s starting to already show signs of wear and tear on the top of the wallet in less than a year? Can I restore this wallet or purchase another???? Thank you. Linda

  2. The bags look great!

    It reminds me of the M.E.L/Perlini bags here in Singapore. Cheap and trendy. I wonder whether it’ll stay great for a long time though? Coz my M.E.L/Perlini bags are wearing out quite quickly..

  3. HOLY COW SNAKE SKIN. DID A MONGOOSE KILL THAT SNAKE? NOOOO!!! Is cute! And ya, I agree with Daphne, yours is the cutest! Very understatedly classy. πŸ˜€

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