Someone tried to break in the house

Oh gosh! I’m still feeling a little stunned and in shock.

I was in the kitchen, starting to cook lunch when I heard some noise at the door. Thinking that it was the cleaner lady doing her weekly floor cleaning, I didn’t think much of it. Till I heard the door open. What? This is not right. So I went out of the kitchen and I saw two young men in their early 20’s with dirty blonde hair and light coloured eyes starting to come in. I was surprised. They were stunned too as they stared at me. I said, “Who are you?” And it was only a few seconds later that I realised that they were burglars!

So I screamed! “Rubare!” “Rubare!” I didn’t care if it was the right word for thief or not. All I cared was to scream. And I screamed very loudly. They quickly scampered away. I was tempted to run after them, but I felt more obliged to defend the house.

I should have at least thrown the egg that I was holding while I was making my lasagna. I feel a bit unsatisfied that I didn’t do more. But luckily I was home and stopped them before they started to steal anything!

Anyway I called Cart who was working and he called the polizia and both the police and Cart arrived shortly. They took our statements and we’ll be heading to the police headquarters later in the evening to give them more details.

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  1. Considering to install /change locks and more fortified gates?
    And i think to be prudent it’s best not to throw things at them… glad to hear u are safe 🙂

    1. Urgh. They chose a lovely time to rob. Its august, when most of the people here are on vacation. So even shops are closed for the holidays. Luckily the door isn’t damaged too badly.

  2. Glad to hear you scared them OFF!

    Robbers are like pesky animals, they’re usually more scared of the people they’re trying to attack than should be the other way round.

    Stay safe! *Hug*

  3. That’s so scary!! Good thing ur ok and they weren’t aggressive! Yes, like the rest said..maybe better to change the lock. Thief is Ladro, rubare is to steal.

  4. Am glad it turned out ok.

    Like the rest said, get a security alarm.

    Taking up self-defense might help. Who knows you might need it.

  5. Glad to hear you’re doing okay and nothing too horrible happened. What did they used to open the door? I’m surprised. You’ll have to beef up your security a bit. ^_^

    My dad and cousin’s house have both been robbed in the US, but I’ve never had it happen thankfully.

  6. Really glad all went well and good on you for scaring them away!! I would’ve wet myself if I was in the same predicament…

    happy belated birthday too.

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