Swimming pools in Rome

When its summer in Rome, its normal for the temperature to be at 35 and even to 40 degrees Celsius. There is a tradition here for many Romans to head to the beach in different parts of Italy. And some find this the perfect time to cool off in swimming pools.

The prices for the public swimming pools in Rome are unfortunately expensive though. Here are a few of the cheaper ones that I’ve found :

I also found these which are said to be low cost, however they do not list their pricing :

It’s probably cheaper if you could get a package or if you could find concurrent offers. There used to be a discount when you showed your ATAC ticket with hydromania but it might change depending on the year.

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        1. don’t be lame lah, ntt.
          at least give a viable solution. like building ur own pool in ur backyard, or buying a jacuzzi for ur home, or something! 😛

  1. WHERE GOT COOL! Looks idiotic, u know! *makes mental note not to trust NTT whenever he tells me something is cool in future* 😛

  2. Perhaps the water comes from the purest streams in the Italian alps, freshly frozen from the melting ice caps? I think almost everything in Europe is over-priced in my opinion, despite the lowered value of the Euro. It would be interesting to see a cost of living comparison between Singapore and Italy.

  3. I think pools in Italy r also privately-runned like here, that’s why it’s so expensive. Our local pool (just 20 steps from my front door) has water slides for kiddy fun. Entry is € 11,50 for 1,5hr. Kids gets once a week compulsory lessons – how cool is that ! Wished we got that sorted out while we were in school. I cant swim for dear life, while hubs is a natural in the water – whether it’s sailing, diving, snorkeling, etc. I envy him … argh !

    While only italian ah pek ? No bello bambino to ogle u ah ? Haha. Men in general cant helped it u know ! Heard from male colleagues that the anatomy of damsels r finely sculptured to captivate men, n men in general gets lots of pleasure bird-watching anything in skirts. Haha. Especially now with the warm weather n skimpy clothes !

    We r also experiencing unusally hot & sticky weather. I hv the blinds to keep out the irritating sunlight. Living room is cool but the bedrooms upstairs is like an oven n I hv had no rustful sleep for yonks (>-<) ! My office has no aircon … u can smell the warm carpet all day n it gives me headaches, n more headaches in the hot crowded trains, arrgghhhh…

  4. Marina, entry fees are upped during summer cos they know that’s when the big money comes in! Otherwise, u can go to the beach and use the spiaggia libera (maybe buy yr own beach umbrella). If not, also there u hv to pay a bomb for the umbrella and sunchair. I too was shocked at the high prices of swimming pool here 🙁

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