Gay Pride in Rome

The first time I saw the gay village banner, I was amused.

Gay Village

Though the name sounds dubious, turns out that gay village is more like a music event from June till September where DJ’s are invited to perform and people just enjoy themselves. Kind of like WOMAD

But the first time I saw this gay pride banner, I was stunned.

Gay Village

Mainly because I didn’t expect a country where the main religion is Roman Catholics to be so open about events such as these.

It looked pretty fun though and so festive! With so many people dressing up, a plentiful of cross dressers, it kind of reminds me of Thailand. We couldn’t stop because we were rushing to use the open bus before the services ends. I feel really bad that I missed it.

I even saw a tall one, all dressed up glamourously with a “Miss Italia” sash. I badly wanted a picture with her! Instead, all I could snap was is this lousy blur picture because the bus was moving.

Gay Village

Hopefully next time.

10 Replies to “Gay Pride in Rome”

  1. LOL I love the slogan in the first banner photo “THIS IS THE PLACE” that just sounds so wrong on so many levels haha but of course the other banner photo just left me speechless.

  2. Go for the Gay Pride next year! I am sure you will love it and have lots of fun snapping a ton of pics. Turin also has a yearly gay pride and I went to one two years ago. It wasn’t a very big affair but it was fun being there!

    1. I’ve been missing each and single one ever since I’ve been to Italy, since 2005 when Cart and I first met each other in real life even. Urgh! I hope I wont miss the one next year!

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