Starting on my riding theory lessons

Even though I’ve already a class 2B license and am an experienced rider in Singapore, turns out that my license isn’t valid here in Italy. Perhaps it is because in Singapore, we drive on the left as Singapore is a commonwealth country.

Learning Italian road theory

So had to start all over again and I’m just starting to learn riding theory in a private school which was supposed to be an English speaking one but turned out that they were as fluent in English as I was in Italian. It isn’t necessarily bad though, since its actually useful for me as I could polish up my Italian by learning about road terminologies.

I’ve learnt to be a lot more patient and not to laugh because now that I’ve been thrown on the other side, I understand how difficult it is for non natives to learn another language. Even if I think sometimes it sounds really strange and non fluid. Like the book that I’m reading from.

Learning Italian road theory

Considering that it is supposed to be translated by a native speaker, it sounds quite babelfish to me.

In any case, some of the signs were familiar to me, many of the signs are pretty universal, pretty much most of the symbols on this page below.

Learning Italian road theory

There were some signs that I’ve never seen before though, for example, in Singapore there are no trams like as there are towards the Rome city centres.

Learning Italian road theory

Recently, I’m learning about the right of way – which vehicle has the precedence to go first and it confused me as I was taught a little differently when I was back in driving school in Singapore. It took me one whole minute just to compute. I cant imagine how it will be like in the actual exam.

And speaking of exams, Lynn passed me her driving theory quiz book for me to borrow. And I’m starting to feel overwhelmed. Blog reader Roberto said that its not difficult, but I still feel apprehensive. My theory test is in a month’s time and I’ve yet to cover 1/4 of the books. So much to read and study!

Learning Italian road theory

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  1. WOW thats a lot to study in a month! But Im sure you can pass with flying colors! Glad we didnt have to learn about railway tracks, etc in Singapore. Hehehe. All the best to all the tests and once you get your licence, you can be riding around Rome! And I will be looking foward to more blog entries filed under ‘scooter diaries’! Hehhee!

  2. I really would have big troubles in trying to learn how to drive in a foreing language. So, congratulations and have a good luck..unfortunately in Italy there are really a few places where you can live without a car 🙁 One of them is Venice, but is easy to understand why…

      1. True, the use of bicycle is totally forbidden. It is only tolerated for little kids. It would be very dangerous for pedestrian to crash with a bicycle, and the lenght fo the street doesn’t allow the passage for both. Anyway, historically Venice had not been built for ground vehicles

        1. In that case, we’d have to wear comfortable shoes .. ehehe

          That kind of reminds me when my maternal family were living in Tekong, which is a small island off Singapore. Since a long time ago, it’s been taken over by the Singapore government to convert it into a military base but before that, my mum and her family lived there.

          I remember having to take bumboats to reach there. To me, it was a lot of fun, though for some I think they might feel a little sea sick going up and down the waves.

  3. Thank you for the quote! Ahah! 😛
    The most difficult part is, in my opinion, the one about insurance & “driving licence suspension”.
    Anyway, Strength and Honor! You will pass the exam!! Good luck! 🙂
    Ps. Sorry for my english… I write better in italian… 😛

    1. Grazie! Any more tips? Hehehe!

      Comunque, penso che tu parli bene in Inglese 🙂 Secondo me, questo è perfetto! Perche io posso praticare Italiano e tu puoi praticare Inglese!

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