Are hairy men sexeh?

This is a very serious question.

Growing up in humid Singapore, the males in my family (like my dad, or my uncles when we come visiting) would always roam around the house sometimes topless, wearing nothing but a sarong tied around his waist.
That’s not my dad by the way :p

And they always had hairless chest. So apart from the Indian men and a few Malays, its not usual for me to see any hairy men. Hence, I used to think of them with disdain. But I sympathised with them though. It probably wouldn’t be too comfortable being in humid Singapore like that. I imagine that its like me keeping my hair super long and letting it down while I walk in the afternoon sun.
Like cousin itt

But Italians, as you know, majority of the men (some of the women too) suddenly turn hairy once they hit 30. I’m a little bit stunned the first time when I was with Cart’s male friends. Hypothetically, if I shaved all their body hair, combined it would be enough to make a nice toupee.

Interestingly, when I would ask Cart if he would consider shaving off his body hair, he’d look incredulous and ask me, “Why would I want to do that? It shows how masculine I am. I’m proud of my body hair”

After a while, I think that its not so bad, in fact, its actually rather nice to cuddle with a hairy man. Its like a huge teddy bear that you could hug and stroke.

Eventually I saw this and I thought to myself, hey! Hairy men aren’t so bad!

In fact, they look quite sexeh!

(sudden realisation)

Oh gosh, I am doomed. And my future hairy sons. And their sons. And their sons.

11 Replies to “Are hairy men sexeh?”

  1. HAHAHA alamak whose pakcik is that lol? Anyway I don’t know, I’m not into hairy men probably because of the frequent exposure to supremely hairy chests in hindustan movies my mom watches every weekend!

  2. Ilyana

    No idea, I found him wandering around so I took a picture of him! (not)


    Oh, I havent watched Hindustan movies since forever! Not too into the extremely strange and drama mama script


    Oh my, how did he ever agree to that? I’m surprised! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I don’t really like hairy men. Not even facial hair. Bulu kaki is ok lah for me.


    Luckily my hubby is very togel… But recently he’s so into goaties. He wants to look older he said. Why would anyone want to look older?

    Pffft!! *Slaps Forehead*

  4. Some hairy men can be sexeh and some not.. I’ve seen some and was turned off but since my hubby is very hairy, I’m appreciating it ๐Ÿ™‚ Like a big teddy bear to cuddle. Only that in humid S’pore, it can get very hot!

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