An interesting thing about Euro coins

Euro coins are interesting.

Because its a shared monetary currency between several countries, while the front is standard, the back of the coins are printed with special symbols of the different presenting Euro countries. euro coins

These coins below, for example, represent the Netherlands, the middle, Germany and the last one is Greece if I’m not wrong. euro coins

Cart collects the interesting ones sometimes and there are so much that it could nicely fill a jar.

But the strange thing  is how I’ve been using euro coins for a year and a half, I’ve noticed something interesting about the coins only now. If you looked at the side of the coins, you’ll see different type of marks on them

This is the two Euro coin. It has a white border. I don’t understand most of the words printed on them, but I do see words like “God” and “Und Recht” euro coins

This is the one Euro coin. Similar to the two Euro but it has a gold border and without the words. euro coins

This is the 50 cents Euro. Its the colour of brass and has many dimples. euro coins

While the 20 cents Euro has very little dimples. euro coins

This is the 10 cents Euro. It looks similar to the 50 cents, but its smaller in size. euro coins

And finally, these are the bronzed coins of the 5, 2 and 1 cents Euro. They don’t have any dimples at all and are attracted to magnets. euro coins euro coins

Interesting eh? I wonder what took me so long to notice this.

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  1. Not surprising especially when Singapore coins are usually stamped with the standard front and back prints. Rarely you will see different prints in circulation as those are collector’s items. I would have not notice the difference at all too.

    1. The back of the coins for Singapore is the same but the front is different flowers. To be honest, if someone started to ask me which ones, I wouldn’t be able to tell without having to refer to an actual coin :p

  2. I’ve just noticed about them too recently. I found a 1 Euro coin with the image of Venus 🙂 Just a trivia, the banknotes have an alphabet to indicate which country they were printed from.

  3. I was also fascinated by the different designs of the euro coins. For a short time, I kept a sample from each country, until I realised the futility of it – haha. Money is for spending, no ? The frequency of other coins found in one’s country does give u an idea of cross-border interactions, doesnt it ?

    The shops here would not accept banknotes higher than 50 euro n they r always asking for smaller banknotes as well ! We r currently moving towards a cashless system, i.e. pay with a debitcard. The shops might be safe from robbers, but the consumers r now victims of ATM skimmings !

    I also find it ironical that a fully automated bank system require the client to keep track of their own administrations/transactions via the internet …. n charging us 60 euro a year 🙁 In the past, the personal service cost us nothing !

    Btw, how’s the debitcard situation in SG ? I supposed it’s compulsory to hv one ? I was also thinking of the S$ 2.00 charge for below the S$ 500 minimum. Savings account here requires a 5000 minimum. If u fall below, they simply transfer it to another account that doesnt pay interest. How’s that in Italy ?

    1. Errr … um … I’ve yet to have a bank account here in Italy. Anyway, I’m not working at the moment so … 🙁

      Gimme a while to find out about the debit card. Do you mean like a debit credit card? I have one I made in Singapore that functions like a credit card but I can only take out as much money as there are in my bank. Each year I have to pay 10 dollars for the service, unless I make a purchase of about 150 dollars minimum. Its quite easy since I pay for skype monthly

  4. I have a few Euro coins around here somewhere. I purchased something on a layover in Germany once. I paid in USD but the girl gave me change in Euros. I thought that was kind of weird since it would cause her to come up short at the end of the night but she was doing it with everyone.

    I think it’s interesting to look at the money from other countries. It’s not as exciting now as it was before but I still like to check out the different designs that are used.

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