Dear Italian team …

What the HECK were you guys thinking? I may not be well versed in the arts of football, but even I could tell that yesterday’s match was horrigible (horrible + terrible).

I dont understand why head coach Marcello Lippi picked the better players only towards the end of the match. Why ah? Expensive is it? Indeed, the game only picked up at the point and the players fought with more soul then. But its just too late. All you Azzuri can pout and make that sad face for 100 years also wont change the results one.

And then the head coach says he’s is sorry and feels responsible and decides to resign.

Urgh! Lousy ah you people!

2 Replies to “Dear Italian team …”

  1. actually, that practice is quite common, bringin out your star players to wreck havoc on an already exhausted opposing team.

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