Mekap Guru Pet Peeves

As much as I love watching beauty videos, there are just too common pet peeves

Makeup Gurus I cant stand

Here are my top 5 pet peeves when watching Mekap Gurus. See if you relate to any of them

With thanks to Meowmeow for the video ideas and Jayleif for Moss Scape Paint Pot. Yay!

Sidenote : Why does my bideo have a black border all of a sudden? Never happened before

24 Replies to “Mekap Guru Pet Peeves”

  1. Daphne

    Thanks! I am happy that you liked it 🙂


    Thank you for the tips! If it wasnt for you, this video would probably not be completed 🙂

    Shall we do a video together when I’m back in Singapore? 😀


    They always use brush numbers assuming that we know freaking all of them. What ever happened to simple terms like shading brush, or smudge brush or blending brush … freaking heck.

  2. Shabel

    What? Why? They are so fun to watch (and sometimes make fun of) 😀


    Thank you for your comment! You are just so kind and original! Seriously!

  3. I see you have so much time on your hands and all the time to waste. What do you get from featuring yourself ever so often?

  4. I see you have so much time on your hands by googling me and commenting on this too!

    Thanks for your comment buddy! You definitely know me so well after reading one post! I feel we could be soulmates. Do continue to be the fantastic person that you are! 😀

  5. gerl!!! u seems to have lost lots of weight. n ure skin is lookin’ gd. so happy 4 u. kip it up!!! 🙂

    btw, funi vid.
    *thumbs up*

  6. I’m sincerely surprised by the quantity of people that spend their time in criticising the others instead of doing something good on their own..anyway it reveals the true face of some people.
    Marina, you also have developed a nice way to reply to them, question of practice maybe 😉

  7. Winson & Tania, I think you both should look at yourselves first before judging others. What kind of positive satisfaction do you get from criticising others?
    Marina.. Brava and ignore those selfless critics!


    i loveloveLOVE your final clip, the one with too many products!
    1) it really sounds like every other makeup clip i’ve ever watched
    2) loving the accent and body lang, spot on
    3) love the crazy of layers and layers
    4) love the tongue in cheek carrots etc! SO FUNNY!

    my makeup vid peeve? i dun really mind the brush numbers cos they always just reference MAC so its an international standard, and at least they show us what kind of brush they use so non-MAC users like me can use commonsense to figure it out. what pisses me off is if they ONLY say the brush/ colour number without showing us the actual product. (and some people do that, wtf) i’m gonna use a mac 4762 and dip it into a bobby brown 288… but they hold the stuff so low the webcam doesnt capture anything.

    kinda frustrates me when there’s no talking involved either (its like a silent movie where someone is putting makeup on with zero commentary), or when its just a video made up of still pictures. if i wanted still pictures, i’d borrow a makeup book from the library.

  9. Meowmeow

    Probably and hopefully in december! *crosses fingers*

    I hope that Cart gets his green light for the long december vacation 🙂

    In the meanwhile, maybe we can think of ideas for scripts or something .. hehehe!

    Seriously Sarah

    Oh, speaking of vegetables, there are so many different varieties here too. Many of them I’ve never seen before, like a radical disco bright green looking cauliflower, and tomatoes with ridges like them. Like a multi pointed starfruit.


    Oh yes, ricebunny. She is uber famous.

  10. LH

    Thank you for noticing *ahem* I mean thank you for your comment!

    I don’t think I lost a lot of weight, I’ve got a long way to go till I reach my target weight! Anyway camera angles are very important on making ladies appear slimmer … *evil smile*

    Emanuele & Sally

    Thanks for your comment, you guys are very sweet 🙂

    Dont worry about them, they were so out of line that I banned their culo out of this blog. I don’t mind criticism but it must be constructive, have factual base to justify the comment to it and be civil.

    Annoying trolls. Yes, I’m an extremely sarcastic when provoked. It goes with the family :p

  11. Aiyo Marina.. looks like u also picked up some vulgarities in yr Italian lessons..hehe 😉 Anyway.. this is yr blog and you’re free to do whatever u want. Isn’t that one of the objectives of a blog??

  12. Babe! You are such a hoot. I am laughing my ass of at 1am at night on a Sunday night when i m suppose to be having my beauty sleep!

    Keep up the good work!


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