I can has magic?

Ever had one of those days when you wish you could just magically transform yourself?

Sleepy rinaz and perky rinaz

I’d like that I could just snap my fingers and have everything settled for me.

Yes, lame I know. But wouldn’t it be nice to just snap your fingers and everything done for you already?

Oh wait, yes there is. Its called, being rich

6 Replies to “I can has magic?”

  1. 100 pounds? You want to be 45kg lighter?

    For losing weight, this one needs more than magic though. Dont worry, we can lose weight together! By jogging, aerobics, swimming … 🙂

  2. Hello Marina, Sally and me, we watched you having such a wondeful magic gift..but are you sure that being rich would let you transform yourself like this? Ehehehe. Anyway, you’re a magic blogger!

  3. Emanuele

    Magic blogger! Wow! I’m going to walk on cloud 9 the entire day today!


    If they are paid enough, I don’t think they will complain right? Hahaha!

    Anyway, I’m sure you could make a video yourself. Some software are really easy to use 🙂

  4. The wife of our crown prince was once a commoner. I was curious how her life has changed with a combined state income of 1,6 million. Well, she said that they eat lots of meals out of a microwave bec they dont hv the time to cook n only hv nannies to take care of their 3 young girls. I hv no doubt that a fortune is spent on a team that makes her looked very good in public. So yes, bags of gold does help – hehe.

    I hv read that celebraties hv stylists on standby – yep, they can snap their finger n the crew will come running to transform the diva into a vamp !

    Apart from wanting a wardrobe with perfectly matching ensembles, I would really like to leave the tedious household chores to someone else ! Any takers ? *wink*

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