How cafe world made me cook for real

Cafe world was one of the games that I liked to play on Facebook.

Cafe World

It’s a cute but mindless game where you manage your own cafe by deciding on what to cook. Some of the food could take as fast as 3 minutes and some would be as long as 2 days.

Cafe World

But normally the longer it takes, the higher the profit and you could use the money to decorate and furnish your cafe. But the faster cooking ones lets you have more food servings so that the customers will not lower the cafe rating and ensure that the traffic keeps on going.

Cafe World

One of the first few times that I played Cafe world, I was quite amused mainly because of the time it takes to cook the item. Cheesecake takes 12 hours to cook? Halibut takes a day to cook? Really?

But regardless of of the unrealistic cooking times, I find myself drawn to the food. It might be a cartoon, but it sure looked yummy! And who could turn away from a face like that?

Cafe World

I was intrigued enough to try to make it on my own and since I had most of the ingredients, I decided to make my own Smoked Salmon Latkes.

And its quite amusing to see friends on twitter quickly assume that I’m playing Cafe World!

Smoked Salmon Latkes

Anyway, back to the recipe.

First you take two potatoes, peeled and sliced and then placed in the food processor and blend it roughly. Remove excess liquid and then put it in a bowl. Do the same thing to one onion. Drain the excess liquid and combine it with the potato.

Smoked Salmon Latkes

With that, you add two whipped egg, some salt and pepper and three tablespoon of flour and combine together.

And then you take a small scoop and flatten it thinly in a pan of hot oil and let it fry till it’s cooked. If you like, you can leave the cooked pieces in the oven to keep warm while waiting for the rest to be fried.

Smoked Salmon Latkes

Once the latkes are cooked, you could garnish it with anything you like like sourcream or even applesauce. Here I put some smoked salmon pieces. I wish that I had some creme fraiche and some caviar to add on top of the salmon but I don’t have them at hand.

Smoked Salmon Latkes

Not sure if its the real thing but I like it anyway 🙂

But I don’t think that I’d be making it too frequently though, I don’t think it’s very healthy!

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  1. Its a rather easy recipe, I think that you’d like it. Just make it flat so that it can be crispier. I think its tastier that way.

    I wonder how it will taste with a bit of Ayam Penyet? 😀

    No wait, I have some frozen sambal in the freezer!

  2. Nice. But i don’t really enjoy cafe world though, because it takes too long to cook.

    Anyway, in response to your link, it could be a sign that your eggs are spoiled 😀

  3. The Austrians has a similar potato crispy hash called Rösti. Takes too long to make one big piece n crispy as well. Hv tried the frozen products but they dont get crispy at all !

    The dutch loves their “patat” crispy as well. It’s just french fries btw. It’s a very popular snack.

    I hv made spaghetti bolognese, lasagne n pizza’s at home. I would like to try risotto to see if I like it b4 I make it myself. I hv not seen them on the menu in the italian restaurants here. I suppose it’s tricky to get it just right n therefore not offered ? My hubs is not into porridgy stuff – I cant even tempt him with a congee.

    The europeans like to make sauces, stews n dishes that requires vast amounts of wine. Hv u noticed ? It must put a dent on the shopping bills ? Am curious.

  4. Maalikka

    But compared to Restaurant city which is more annoying since your staff can only work for 4 hours, and then you have the hassle of finding ingredients and your toilets break down. When they introduced the drink function, that was the last straw for me.

    No more -_-

    Anyway if the eggs were spoiled, its already in my tummy. I am heartless cos I ate a smiley egg 😛


    Ah yes, rosti! But before they are fried, the potatoes are boiled first to soften it right? Still, large potatoes take quite a while to cook.

    And speaking of potatoes, potato chips are so yummy to eat but is such a hassle to make. I sliced them thinly and then had to fry them. I dont like to use a lot of oil, so it took multiple times … urgh!! -_-

    Risotto? I dont think its that difficult to make, I’m sure you can do it. But I think the type of rice makes the difference. Thin types of rice like basmati and jasmine wont work very well. Maybe you can make one portion yourself and not share with the hubby … hehehe

    I dont consume alcohol. So we dont really noticed if it puts a dent on the shopping bills 😛

    But wine in Italy isnt expensive. At least not in the ones from the supermarket. I’ve seen one as low as 2 euro even.

    Is it expensive for you?


    Hahaha Yay! 😛


    Oooh! May I know if home cooked food or outside food is more expensive there in Japan?

    In Singapore there is a culture of eating hawker center. Sometimes its even cheaper to eat there than cooking at home

  5. Rösti r made from raw potatoes, otherwise it will not crisp. Yes, u gotta pat the grated potatoes dry first.

    200 grams of potato chips costs between 69ct to 1,09, depending on the brands. Pringles is my fave n cost 1,99 (so gotta stock up during the 2 for 1 discount). However, they hv been downgrading the weight from 200grams to 160grams or 175grams 🙁 My mom used to make chips for the weekend treats – yes, lots of work ! We like them sprinkled with …. icing sugar :-)) Chips in SG r in small bags with a big price tag ! I always bring some with me when I balek kumpong.

    NL dont produce much wine, so they r expensive import. The white or red wine I use for cooking cost 6,99/0.75 L. The supermart in Spain sells them like cartons of milk ! Nice n cheap, according to hubs. I am intolerant to lactose n alcohol btw.

  6. My fav food from childhood used to be latkes with with plain cream and pilled on sugar xD Thats the most popular way of eating them in Eastern Europe 😀 You should try it that way if you like sweet stuff

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