Review : Remington Sleek & Curl Flat Iron

I had my eye on the Remington Sleek and Curl flat iron for a long time since early December last year. I think it was the cover that did it for me. There were women with 6 various different hairstyles that I was hypnotised and stared at the box for like 10 minutes, examining every corners of the box till Cart dragged me away.

Anyway, I did a quick research online for review, and seeing how every user loved it, I finally decided to get it. Unfortunately, by the time that we went there next, it was no where to be seen!

So back in January, while I was in another mall, I noticed the last set of Sleek & Curl hair hot iron and I quickly pounced on it before anyone else could get it.

This is what was in the box.

Rinaz remington sleek & curl

The flat iron, and a book manual, and a dvd that shows you the different ways on how to style your hair. It was actually very interesting watching the stylist do all those hairstyles on the model. Although I’m not sure if I had the deftness and dexterity to do them all.

Rinaz remington sleek & curl

Just on thing to note about the flat iron is that it uses this European pin. I can’t plug it directly to the Italian power source. But all we had to do was to get the correct attachment plug for it and it works just fine. I bet that it’ll be fine for travelling too as long as there is the right attachment.

Rinaz remington sleek & curl

It takes about 30 seconds to heat up.

Though the maximum temperature of the flat iron is 230 degrees C, I haven’t really experimented it at that heat. By right, I shouldn’t really worry since the flat iron is supposed to be made of ceramic, tourmaline and coated with teflon so its not supposed to be damaging for hair.

But I’ll stick with 180 degrees for the moment. It’s hot enough for me. After all, that’s almost twice the heat needed to boil water!

Anyway, this is my hair in all its natural glory one day after shampooing.

Rinaz remington sleek & curl

It’s naturally wavy, shaggy and thick.

Truth be told, I’m not all that good with hair styling. But I’m keen to try different hairstyles. Especially now, its so easy to access tutorials from youtube and blogs.

There was one time that I was so excited to try making victory rolls, so on impulse, I bought for myself, a pair of curling iron. I don’t remember which brand it was though, but it was so challenging to use that I hardly touched it after one use and it pretty much broke down by itself.

What a waste of money.

Fortunately, this time round with my flat iron, my first time was fantastic and it was surprisingly so easy to use.

Rinaz remington sleek & curl

I’m not sure why I’m doing a Mariah Carey hand gesture here but you take a small segment of your hair. Put it as close to the roots, squeeze and slowly pull it down.

One of the thing that initially put me off flat iron is because of the tangles I get from using them. I tried my little sis’s flat iron but it was so tangle-o-rama. And my hair felt so dry afterwards. It worked fine for her though. Maybe its because of our different hair textures.

But the teflon works here since its actually very smooth and I don’t get that draggy and tangly feeling.

Rinaz remington sleek & curl

For the back of the head, it would be easier to pin with a hair clasp. And you repeat the steps till every bit of hair is straightened.

Rinaz remington sleek & curl

Tada! Straight hair!

And if you want to curl your hair, you take the small segment of hair again, put it close to the scalp, squeeze the flat iron and turn it in and drag it down slowly.

Be careful with your fingers though, its quite hot!

Rinaz remington sleek & curl

I’m not sure if you could see it in the picture, but there are guide lines which is supposed to guide you in controlling the type of your curls.

Yes, my curls look very messy. I’m still quite new at this, but for a newbie, my curls look pretty impressive, yes? 🙂

Rinaz remington sleek & curl

Anyway, tadah! Curly hair! I like! Abit of hair spray and it’ll stay sexeh for the entire day.

Hopefully my skills get better in time but I’m quite liking my toy for now. I’m glad I bought it 🙂

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  1. You look… younger than me with straight hair. 🙁 I’ve been pining for a flat iron ever since I was 13, but now that I’ve got it, my preferences have changed, and I want a large curling tong instead, to create a mock digital perm look with my hair. The Vidal Sassoon curl and press ‘barrel’ curler you left behind is fine, but I’m really lemming for a more conventional curler, the straight kind, in a fatter width for larger curls, or a triangle curler, just for kicks. Curls are fun!

    I’m still waiting for my hair to get long enough so I can get a digital perm though. Shampoo, dry, go out of the house, don’t need to waste 20mins of my life infront of the mirror preening. Gah. Time sucks.

  2. You know I can never look younger than you 😛

    Ah, so it was a Vidal Sasson my old curling tong. To me it was hard to use. Also my hair got tangled in it quite a fair bit and in the end, I just didn’t want to bother with it anymore.

    Curls are fun, I love curls and yeah, you don’t even need to comb your hair even … 😀

  3. Wishbone : No idea. But I think you’re familliar with Pepe Le Pew?

    Anyway, keeping skunks are illegal in Singapore. Just to let you know. I am sure a smart person like simplyjek would have known about that 🙂

  4. cool, love the straight and curled look 🙂
    you made it look so easy! i always thought it’s darn troublesome to use a flat iron and knowing how sotong i am, i’ll probably set fire to my hair, heh.

  5. Oh no, its actually very easy to use that a newbie like me with no experience could curl my hair right out of the box. Its actually quite enjoyable if you have like 15 minutes to spare.

    Just as long as you have the right one I guess. There are some which are quite tangly. But I think you can try out the samples at the counter before buying.

    I do that. There is no shame 🙂

  6. I used my mom’s curling iron when I was in Jakarta. But I burned my neck! It now has one dark line-shaped scar 🙁

    I’m waiting for my hair to be long enough so that I can perm it. Gonna do it in Jakarta – cheaper.

    Neeway I didn’t know you can curl using a flat iron. Those curls look really nice on you Rinaz!

  7. Sylv

    Oh no! Was it last year while you were having your vacation? I hope the scar heals soon!

    But ooh, you’re in the curly hair bandwagon too … hehehe. I kind of prefer luxurious curls over straight hair 🙂

    And I didnt know that a flat iron can curl hair too till I watched some youtube videos online. Its kind of like a pair of scissors and paper while in art class, use the blunt end, drag the paper slowly through it and you get curly paper 😀


    Yay! Terima Kasih 😀

  8. Yesh yesh it happened when I was on vacation. it got better now, I bought this gel-cream back in Indo special to treat scars.

    i wish i could try out the curls-using-flat-iron thing. But even flat iron is expensive.

  9. You can even curl your hair using paper bags now! I don’t really like Michelle Phan but I do like what she teaches in terms of skincare and etc.

    I was just asking Angah if he remembered the horny skunk from the old cartoons until he noticed that you had just mentioned his name in your above post. -.-

  10. Sylv

    Hm, I saw a few in Singapore costing about 50 dollars. I’ve seen some as cheap as 10 dollars even, but I’m not sure how the quality would be like though.

    My flat iron costs 35 euro. The irony is that about a week afterwards, the price went down to 30 euro in another place -_-”


    I think its good too. Possibly the best hair investment that I have so far 🙂


    Have you ever tried using that method? Haha, I used to use mak’s hair curler thing and went to bed with that but it was the most uncomfortable sleep ever 😛

  11. Rinaz & Diana

    Another variation of that technique is to just make mini buns (using scrunchee/ponytail holder) and then sleep with it. 8 mini buns will make nice curls. Tried and tested. But of course, it’s not that comfortable….

  12. @sylv Thanks for the tip! I’ll try it this Friday. How long will the curls last anyway, if I don’t put any sort of gel or cream in it first?

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