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After the marathon two weeks ago, Cart and I were in this mall called the Parco Leonardo and we stumbled upon a shop full of women. Naturally, being curious, I went to explore inside And I realised that I was in a make-up shop. I was so excited like a kid in a candy store.

In any case, the shop was called Kiko cosmetics. Like Pupa cosmetics, this is another Italian brand. Kiko is popular for its affordable cosmetics range.

Kiko, in honestly is a strange name to me because the first thing when I think about Kiko is a little sea creature from Neopets.

Kiko Cosmetics

I wanted to purchase the hot pink couture eye shadow palette from the ‘Posh Couture collection’.

Isn’t this look totally darling? I love the gold and black eyeshadow look going on here.

Kiko Cosmetics

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it anywhere! A quick check with the clerk, revealed that the collection was was over. Turned out that the posh couture collection was out for fall/winter 2009 and since it’s spring now, it was all gone.

Instead, there were currently the ‘Electric town collection’ going on. So I was contemplating on getting the Ropopongi Green eyeshadow palette instead as a replacement. But swatching it, the colours didn’t look very vibrant on my skin. It could probably be more colourful when applied wet or used with eyeshadow primer but I just wasn’t convinced.

Nevertheless I got for myself a couple of the other items in my list. First off, is the nail polishes.

Kiko Cosmetics

What I liked about Kiko is that, there is a wide range of variety in the colours that they had – up to 105 variations. Compared to the more traditional pinks and reds, Kiko had unusual colours, practically every shade of the rainbow.

So I got for myself the base in pastel pink and the unusual shades of Cerulean blue and Spring Green nail polish as well as the more classic Vermillion Red shade.

Kiko Cosmetics

Application wise though, the polishes were rather runny and I needed at least two coats before the nail polish would look decent. But the worst part is, it took ages to dry! Even after 10 minutes after applying, I find myself having the nail polish smudging.

I’m not sure that I’d purchase more which is a pity because of the range of unusual colours.

The only thing I liked from the nail range is the polish remover. Your fingers smells like vanilla after using it.

The next item that I got for myself is the limited edition ‘Red emotion satin lipstick’ in Sensual Red.

Kiko Cosmetics

I really like this lipstick. It is very bright, bold and eye catching among all my other pink lipsticks. Wearing it, it felt rather comfortable and moisturizing despite of how matte it looked like on my lips. Moreover for 6.90 euro, I think that it was a very good buy and actually cheaper than most drug-store brands.

Its quite coincidental that Kiko came out with the red emotion line because it was most certainly awesome in my recreation of the 40’s look. What do you think?

Kiko Cosmetics

If you’re wondering how I did my bangs, I used this tutorial. Takes a bit of practise in rolling though.

Kiko Cosmetics

And you could put it up your back hair in a pony tail or style your hair any way you want to. Pretty cool huh?

Anyway, I find Kiko cosmetics pretty fun to use. I love the red emotion lipstick a lot. And while the nail polishes could do with a bit of improvement, kiko on the overall is good place to check out on account of the affordable prices.

Kiko Cosmetics

4 nail polishes, a polish remover and a lipstick for 27 euro. I don’t know of anywhere else in Italy where you could get cosmetics at this prices. At the moment, I’m not sure if Kiko will be expanding outside of Italy though.

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8 Replies to “Review : Kiko Cosmetics”

  1. When I scrolled down to look at your 40s look, I went “NO WONDER LAH SHE BOUGHT RED NAIL POLISH!”. Hahaha, I thought it didn’t suit your personality at first until I saw what you did with it! I like your look! Is it a going-out look for you, now?

    And ah, why not next time do lazy ponytail to the side of your head, and stick in a ‘flower’ hair pin? Would look really 50s that way. Just a suggestion! 🙂

    And yah, for a name brand (affordable one also can lah…), Kiko is damn cheap, man! Just checked out their website. 6.90 euro for a LE lipstick is super cheap – even by online standards. *drool*

    More updates please! ^_^

  2. Xinyun

    Yay! Thank you!


    Right! I never used to wear red-red nail polish when I was in Singapore, usually I’d get neutrals and pinks. But red is perfect for the 40’s and 50’s look right?

    And ooh, the lazy ponytail sounds like a great idea. And I do have a giant flower that I can dress it up with 😀

    Euro is about two times Singapore currency but I saw some lipsticks at 4 euros even. Where can you get drug store brands at 8 dollars you tell me.

  3. @ Malaysia, you can get Avon, in Singapore, you can get SilkyGirl or cosmetics at Cash Converters (Huh, wtf right?)

    Oh, and how about Daiso? $2 cosmetics ftw! I recently bought a VOV lip glass that I’m using in lieu of red lipstick since I find that red lipstick makes me look way too matured, and it was only $6.80 — much less though if I get my Korean friend Sara to buy it for me when she goes back to her hometown.

    Hehehe when you’re young, you know how to scrimp okay, since you have no money to spend anyway. 😛

  4. aww you look gorgeous, I love the red on you! A lot of people in Singapore stay away from red, when I wore my red lipstick to a family event – all the makciks were complaining how “severe” and old I looked, I think they’re just jealous ;P

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