Hello Singapore! Part 1

We were set to leave on the 17th December.

On the day itself, I’ve already mostly packed my luggage but for a few things like mekap and toiletries. But I also did not want to come back to a messy house, so I zoomed through with the housework, the laundry, the swiffering, the washing up and all the whatnots.

And for a strange coincidence, my Italian class, which was usually on Wednesday, was postponed to Thursday. And not wanting to miss any lessons, I rushed to class and then rushed back home again in time for my father in law to pick us up to send us to the airport.

Woah stress.

But we had time to send a couple of postcards, which was originally meant for Hari Raya. I suppose thats its either a ultra belated or a super early postcard 😛

Sending Postcards

I was already feeling excited. Yay! We’re going back to Singapore! I’ll see my family and friends! The food! The sun! Shopping!

Byebye Rome

All through the flight, I was awake taking advantage of the entertainment thingmajig on the Emirates flight. There was even a USB port on it. Next time I should bring my cable so I could charge my handphone on it 😛

Emirates entertainment

In any case, we reached Dubai airport some hours later where by a stroke of coincidence, we had to spend 8 hours there.

Initially it was quite interesting to see all the different high end shops. A little confusing though at the same time because of the different monetary exchange.

Rinaz and her uggs
I look tired and ugly so I’ll censor my face out

But soon, I was so bored out of my mind that I did a live blog post 😛

At length, it was time to board the connecting flight where it did a stopover at Colombo and after which, Singapore. It was the first time for me, having so many stops. But I guess it wasn’t too bad as we could stretch our legs more as opposed to a direct and long 10 hour flight.

Breakfast in Emirates flight
Breakfast in Emirates

And not too long after, we reached Singapore! Woohoo!

Since I’m holding a Singaporean passport, I cleared the customs in less than 3 minutes while poor Cart had to queue and wait for about 20 minutes. Too bad that there were only two shops on the arrival side to occupy my time. I tried to log on to wireless@Sg but it was pretty useless for me, since I’ve forgotten my password.

But at length, Cart cleared the customs and we picked our luggage from the carousel and we entered the arrival hall.

For a while, I didn’t see any familiar faces.

It was only later when my little sister noticed me and waved hello followed by my cousin, and up walked my mum! I gave them a big hug! How I’ve missed everyone 🙂

We took the 7 seater maxi cab to my parent’s house. Throughout the journey, I looked out of the window. There were so many changes that it surprised me tremendously. So many changes in only one year?

Reaching Dubai
Ok I don’t have any pictures of the changes, so I’ll put this picture instead

Speaking of changes, my sister kept pointing out that I spoke with an Italian slang. Ish budak bertuah ni. Mana ada?! My Italian language is still in the “Cannot Make It” category

At last, we reached my parent’s house where for the longest time, it felt really strange for me. A strange, unfamiliar feeling even though I spent so many years there. It took a while to readjust myself there.

And while it probably sounds bad, my bedroom seemed smaller somewhat. Or maybe I’ve grown bigger or that there were more stuff in there than usual 😛

And Cart and I did like what we did during our first matrimonial night.

We both fell asleep fainted due to our severe fatigue

p.s. Oh! Speaking of matrimonial … coincidentally, it was our first year wedding anniversary!

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  1. Cartcart

    Haha, ok I’ll change it 😛


    Very serious about that. We were really tired after the long, restless and tiring flight!


    How come your link goes to NY Times Columnist apologizes? 😛

    Miss Jane

    The classes that I go to run from around November to May but its for foreigners who are living long term here. Maybe you could sign up for the classes from some of the organizations in Italy, and immerse yourself with the locals here 🙂

    Or supplement with online podcasts. I also learn from this website 🙂


    Thank you! Time really flies! I cant believe it myself! One year!

  2. @Rina, thank you for leaving me a note. I am looking for short term classes. Maybe one month long or so. I plan to travel around Italia as I believe that’s the best way to learn! 🙂

  3. Naili

    Thank you! 🙂

    Miss Jane

    Yes, I think so too. Immersive learning is the best way to learn 🙂

    I wish you all the best and have loads of fun in your travels!


    Thank you so much 🙂

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