Streetview comes to Singapore!

After being jealous for the longest time that there is streetview for Rome, Google Streetview is now available for Singapore! I just realised it this morning as DK was twittering about it.

It’s really easy to navigate :

First you go to google maps and then type in the destination that you want to see.

Google Streetview

And then you drag out the yellow man icon on the top left corner into the said street

Google Streetview

And then you’ll see your destination in 3D. Wonderful! Here is one of my favourite places to shop in Singapore.

Google Streetview

I love streetview, it really helps a lot when you’re not familiar with a place and want to get a feel of the direction. For more, you might want to check out this post by the folks of Tech65.

I spent probably a full half an hour just looking at my neighbourhood in Jurong. Remembering the roads that I used to roam at. Remembering the bus rides. Somehow it eases the homesickeness a little bit.

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  1. I was amused with the Street View in Singapore. I spent quite a while checking the two areas where I’ve lived to see if I saw anyone I know on it. No hits, but I did catch a view of an old auntie with shopping bags jaywalking:

    I agree that it helps ease home sickness. I use it sometimes to look at my mom’s neighborhood in NYC or my dad’s neighborhood in Georgia. The only thing I don’t like about it is the reversed up and down movements on the mouse. It’s confusing.

  2. Yeap, Street View is pretty cool. They are using Google Trike to take photos of pictures that the Steet View Van cannot access. Places like Sentosa, fullerton and boat/clarke quay will be up sometime next year. 🙂

  3. Miza

    Really? It’ll be nice to have 938 live again, so I can hear the morning talk. I used to listen to that every morning before I went to work. And 94.2 is great during fasting month for me. It gives the feel to the month. It was really different this year for me.

    I know that for sure time zone would be different. But if I could just have a recording of it, it’ll be nice too.


    Hohoho, what else did you catch?

    How long have you been in Singapore anyway? I thought that you migrated here rather recently? But indeed, the controls in google maps is something to get used to.


    Yeah! Cannot wait! A virtual tour of sentosa would something to be seen! But that reminds me, sentosa is still under construction right? By the time google comes out with it, it’ll be outdated I think.

  4. I still need to find time to poke around in it some more but with all the crazy stuff that’s been caught in Street View around the world I’m sure some stuff will crop up in Singapore. Who knows?

    I’ve been in Singapore since June of 2008.

    On that Google Trike thing I suggested Pasir Ris Park. I’ve taken some great photos there. I doubt it’ll be included, but it would be nice.

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