Pupa Cosmetics : An Italian brand Make Up

Even after living in Rome for almost a year now, I only realised about these made in Italy cosmetics only recently. I was at Castel Romano where I bought some Pupa Cosmetics products, my first made in Italy make up.

Pupa Eye Designer and Pupa Lip Perfection Splendor

Below is a quick show and tell video of the two cosmetics that I bought – The Pupa Lip Perfection Splendor and the Eye Designer.

Sidenote : If you’re free on the 27th December, do join me for a high tea session.

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  1. Hillary

    The eye shadow itself is nice, but the applicator takes a bit of getting used to, to control. First you need to aim and then angle it properly and then slide it at the right angle. A bit of a hassle if you want to have it on perfectly at one shot.


    Nah, that’s my regular voice when I video myself. If you are up to it enough you can try and go all the way back to my first vidcast 😛

  2. The applicator doesn’t seem to be all that friendly to use. Also, with different people having differently shaped eyes, I guess it might make the applicator difficult for them.

    Oh well, anyway, I like the festive eyeshadow colours! So preeeeeetty! I’m going to go check out the mekap when I pass by a Sasa again.

  3. I’ve seen Pupa before! Didn’t know that’s from Italy. I like the lip gloss. Maybe you should buy a dozen and sell them here. I’ll buy from you heh heh…

  4. The applicator is wierd! In theory its a good idea, but in real life its as hard to use as liquid eyeliner. I suppose its just a matter of getting used to, but I dont want to spend time everyday just to practise putting it on man 😛

    What do you mean by the festive eyeshadow colours? The pupa one?

  5. Love your vid, as always!! 😀

    I’ve not seen/heard of Pupa, but then I don’t go out much and go treasure-hunting for makeup so watching your vid does help me some. The colours look very pretty on you 🙂 The applicator does look a bit too big and awkward to use, but quite an innovation though. Next time I walk by Sasa I will check out the lip gloss 🙂 That could be something I might want to pick up. When you say it smells like vanilla, I like!! 😀

  6. Yay! Thank you! 😀

    Like you, I’m not so much in a habit of going around and buying a lot of mekap because it does have a shelf life. No point buying so much and in the end, never use and then it expires.

    But mekap does fascinates me anyway, all the lovely colours 🙂

    I’m not sure if the lipgloss is in Singapore. Is it there in sasa?

  7. Is wants moar too! My first mekap set is from Pupa 😀

    And that eyeshadow applicator sure is weird- looks like the idea came from the DIY home-painting movement of the 90’s!

  8. Ruby

    My what? My regular vice would have to be chocolate and ice cream 😛


    Really? Whats the price like there though? Hmm, I should take a look around when I’ve reached, it’ll be loads of fun 😀

  9. That’s sweet of you, Marina! But guess what, I saw Pupa in Suntec SaSa two days back! I saw lotsa lip glosses and eye shadows, go check them out when you come home!

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