This is the Stuck-in-Dubai-come-chat-with-me Post

Just reached Dubai airport and I feel groggy and looking totally unglamorous.

Buon Viaggio

But Cart and I will be in Singapore soon!

I’m so looking forward to seeing my friends and family, eating good food and shopping! And I’m definitely most looking forward to meet you! Please don’t feel shy 🙂

But before that, we’d be waiting at our stopover in Dubai Airport for about 8 hours before our next flight to Singapore. Oh my!

We’ve got quite a bit time to kill, thank goodness there is free internet here. So I hope that you come and keep us company and chat with us via the comment box below 🙂

Live updates

11.00pm Dubai Time : Just landed in Dubai.

12:00 Dubai Time : Just finished eating this Steakhouse Burger from Burger King.


I don’t like it so much.

1.00am Dubai Time : Cart and I are bored.


2.15am Dubai Time : Cart is napping on the bench while I’m keeping watch. Internet here is wonky. I cant load plurk or twitter well. Why isnt anyone chatting with me on the comment box?

2.45am Dubai Time : If I didnt have to keep watch over the stuff, I would totally do like what these guys are doing


3.00am Dubai Time : Finally trying out the Starbucks Toffee Nut Frap. Its not bad.

Toffee Nut Latte and Frappacino

3.10am Dubai Time : Whoops, battery running low. I better find a charging station.

4.16am Dubai Time : Feel stoned. Getting lesser people and is quieter now. Everyone looks so docile.

5.05am Dubai Time : Fell asleep on the Starbucks table. Lappy is about 70% charged now. Totally dishevelled. I look like a pontianak in ugg boots.

Woah! Arabic Google!

Google in Dubai

6.15am Dubai time : The place seems more lively now. Suddenly there are more people streaming in. Wanted to pray but the prayer room doesn’t seem to have any prayer outfits provided.

Check out these very skilled women!

Women with skills

The lady on the PA system has such a nice and comforting voice. Wahyu, wahyu, Isnain, Tsalasa.

6.20am : Alright time to head to the boarding gates. Thank you for your hospitality Dubai, see you soon, dear Singapore!

17 Replies to “This is the Stuck-in-Dubai-come-chat-with-me Post”

  1. Yeah Clare! 8 hours! I asked Cart why not get a hotel or something but he was concerned that we’d oversleep for our transit.

    So far its not bad here. With internet, its not so boring. Just wish that it wasn’t so intermittent.

  2. HAHA yea u’re lucky u have internet altho intermittent connection can be rather annoying. 🙂

    Hmmm. U’ll be arriving tonight yeah! See you soon! 😛

  3. u know what. i’m surfing sites to check which places are halal and serve buffet for lunch / hi-tea

    Furama Hotel – Tiffany Cafe – (Lunch and dinner only)

    Holiday Inn Atrium – Melting Pot Cafe – (Lunch, Hi-tea Dinner, but not sure if it’s Halal, cos this website says no, but someone told me it is Halal, so I’ll call to check)

    Tepak Sireh Restaurant –
    (Lunch and dinner only) – Looks quite good, although limited spread!

    Do u know of any others that are not too ex? 😛

  4. @Spaiduhz – don’t want Hjh Maimunah! the heat there kills me actually. can we have somewhere aircon-ed where we can sit and chat in comfort? hurhur. I think Tepak Sireh is good. Any inputs?

  5. No direct flt from Rome to SG ? In de 1980’s we also had to stop over at Dubai n it was like being hit by a wall of heat after the cool weather in NL ! I see that ppl r still sleeping it off at the airport ! Am surprised it hasnt changed – haha. Since the 90’s KLM flies 13hrs direct to SG – yay !

    I hv not been back for 5 yrs. I know our old kampung has changed drastically n we would be awed by it all. Pls load up plenty of pix of what u see, can ? Maybe also ask the prata man how to make the genuine stuff – haha.

    Wishing u n Cart a great holiday !

  6. Maalikka

    No lah! Its an educational search 😛


    For some reason, our flight was cut to Rome – Dubai – Colombo (stopover) – Singapore. But I didnt mind this way actually, its better for our legs to stretch more rather than a straight on 13 hour flight.

    Moreoever one of the Emirates plane had SUCH a cramped leg space, I dont think I could have taken any more than 5 hours.

    Alot of things has happened in a span of 1 year. I see more malls being put up and one heartland mall being demolished.

    Stuff I remember isnt there anymore. And loads of things being constructed. My gosh. I probably wont recognize the area the next time I go there.

    And thank you for the well wishes 🙂

    Ehm … I forgot to ask the prata man … too busy eating


    Thanks 🙂

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