This is my workspace

Just in case you were wondering what my table looks like, this is what I work with.

Rinaz Workspace

From left to right :

  • Lenovo S10
  • HP Touchsmart
  • Samsung Innov8
  • Canon Ixus 870is
  • 500 GB Maxtor HDD

Looks pretty spiffy right?

I’ll go through them one by one.

Lenovo S10

My Lenovo S10 is a netbook – the hardware is not as fast as a regular computer, but it’s more portable than a laptop. I really like it when I’m on the go, for emails and catching up on social media sites.

I blogged about my Lenovo S10 some months back, however, my fingers were itchy and I decided to install Ubuntu in it.

Rinaz Lenovo S10 Running Ubuntu

I am liking Ubuntu so far, I see applications running significantly faster despite the fact that I did not upgrade my netbook. It was surprising to me that I could run graphics intensive sites like Pet Society and many HD quality videos on YouTube because it was sluggish on the XP operating system.

My big issue though, is that due to technical issues between S10 and Ubuntu, I cannot do video streaming on Also the internal microphone does not function! I guess no skyping for me for now.

But since I mostly use my netbook to surf. I reckon its not so crucial. Oh well.

HP Touchsmart

My HP Touchsmart is my main computer for editing pictures, videos as well as the occasional gaming.

I love my HP Touchsmart! With 4 GB ram, its a lot more speedier than my old desktop. Hence, I could render my videos a lot more faster. Also with the internal graphics card, sceneries in Secondlife and Granado Espada looks so much lovelier.

Rinaz in Secondlife

It’s probably not such a big deal to most, but seeing realistic looking water ripples and the various sun reflections is a breakthrough to Virtual Worlds. We’ve come a long long way since the first VRML world was created.

Adobe Photoshop CS

I use Adobe Photoshop CS for editing my pictures.

At this point of time, Adobe CS 4 has been released, but I don’t think I’ll upgrade for now. At $700 USD, CS 4 is a tad bit too pricey. Moreover, new versions are always memory intensive. I think I can manage with my version for now.

For video editing, I use Premiere Elements 4. And I love it since the first time I used it.

It makes it easy for video dummies like me to use. Clicking here and there is all there is to it. Also it’s more affordable compared to many of the video editing software that I’ve come across.

As for the pictures in this blog, I use the Canon Ixus 870is.

Most of the pictures that you see in this blog from November 2008 onwards are snapped with it. What was originally meant as a review unit sent by Canon, I found that I liked it so much that I went to buy one for myself.

Its quite trusty. And functions relatively well in less stable hands. One small issue is that it does not do time lapse video like this video I did with the Ixus 80is

Sunset from rinaz on Vimeo.

But now I’m quite keen on trying out HD Videos so I’m really jones-ing for a camera that does that. What that means is that I’d have to upgrade to a new video editor too.

Samsung Innov8

And finally, my samsung Innov8 which I use for mobile blogging and live updates.

If I see anything interesting along my journeys, I snap a picture and send it via email and in a few seconds, it will appear in the sidebar in Live updates like these even have a term called Citizen Journalism.

Indeed, I have a spiffy workspace. Now all I need now is actual work.

19 Replies to “This is my workspace”

  1. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    You have some amazing equiptment and of course your skills are excellent, too. You really shoud run a website and earn a lot of money. Please consider that. You could really be successful, I believe in you 😉

    Wish you best of luck!


  2. MKL

    Hohoho! I think that, thats a dream for most bloggers to be able to run a website and earn a lot of money through that.

    I think that its very tough to do that though, first the person has to stand out from among all the zillions of sites and even so thats no guarantee that anything is going to come out of it :

    Also, I don’t believe in doing paid per posts or text links simply because if I haven’t used it and have personal experience with it, I wont blog about it.

    Daphne Maia

    Really? Yay! Thanks you so much for the really sweet words 🙂 *head swells* Hohoho!

    I wouldnt mind being a blogger / writer for lifestyle, tech and travel except being in a different country, it feels like I’m being thrown into the sea.

    There isnt any blogging communities that I know of here. Sure there are bloggers, but its not like what we had in

    So, its not so easy this time for networking in that aspect.

    Oh well, but like you said, maybe in time, with more confidence, I could try and set up something like that 🙂


    When is Diablo going to come out?! Its taking foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  3. This is a great computer dork post. O_o

    I love the graphics games are capable of now as well. It takes a powerful computer to render them properly though, so I haven’t been able to take full advantage yet. My laptop is just too old I guess. Looking forward to getting back to the US and getting a good desktop. Of course, not sure I’ll have a whole lot of time for gaming anytime in the near future.

  4. CC

    I also forgot to mention my awesome cup warmer! 😛


    I like tech 🙂

    Personally for me, I think that its software that makes a couple of computer appear sluggish.

    I give you a simple example :

    If you create a website and use .bmp vs .jpg. Which do you think will load faster?

    The same goes for software. Its just that a huge number of software that we have are really bloatware. It shouldn’t be that way. Loads of things could run faster if people coded it better.

    What sort of desktop are you planning to get by the way?

  5. I love this post! You have so many cool gadgets that I want. Plus, this post shows much promise and potential in your blogging and writing style. Definitely easy to read, approachable in personality, and entertaining (love your videos and pictures!)

    I really think you should be a full time blogger / writer for lifestyle, tech (gadgets and software), and travel products!

    If I have a target market in Italy, I’ll definitely engage you first! 🙂

    Daphne Maia
    Rice Communications / Social Media

  6. BOOMS-bastic. lol!

    Wow, you use way more gadgets than I do on a daily basis. Haha. And nice Ubuntu on your netbook. First time I’m actually seeing the Netbook Remix version. Looks good.

  7. Brad

    Hohoho! Have you seen this cartoon about Win 7? 😀


    Its a pity that the internal mic and video streaming doesnt work though. Its almost perfect for me because of how much more speedy it is.

    Also there are a number of free software … hohoho! I love free!

    But I think its just something with the S10 and ubuntu because it works fine for S10-2 and other netbooks.

  8. Ciao
    wow you do have some pretty awesome equipment. I work on an old MacBook lifted off the desk by a Moleskine phonebook. But we do have the same Nutella mousepad. My son plays with it now. Found him licking it once.

    How do you like living here in the Eternal City?

  9. Jessen

    Aww shucks. Come over my place then, we can play Diablo! 😀


    Why not? I think it’ll be interesting, yes? 🙂


    Oh my, I didnt know you had a son … and the nutella mousepad? Haha, its the same for me too, I am very tempted to lick it. Its so pretty, love at first sight 🙂

    Life is Rome is very fascinating to me. Every day an interesting story 🙂

  10. Your desktop where your screen is standing, therefore your table was for my eyes a very hard torture. My parents are very hard and strong to me, so I couldn´t wear any more sterile surounds for my eyes.

  11. hi, i’m glad i found your cool and interesting blog. hey for a computer dummy u sure sound so pro with all yr computer jargon which i’ve no clue… you’re so ‘in gamba’ that i’m sure a job will come your way real soon. in bocca al lupo.

  12. sorry just one quick note, when i said ‘computer dummy’, i was only quoting you and i totally do not mean it and if i quoted u wrong, thousand apologies.

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