How to make coffee

Although these cute little cups look like toy cups, these are actual size of cups used in Italy for drinking coffee!

Toy Coffee Cups

Actually, they remind me of Teeny little superguy from Sesame street. I’m not that talented to make a stop animation, but wont you stay to see me struggling to make coffee?

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  1. That was cool and if I ever end up getting my own mokka pot, I’ll know what to do! DO you have milk/sugar in your coffee? Or do you drink it black? Also, I love the cute bedroom slippers.

  2. Excellent vlog! Sei brava, Rinaz, eh!

    We make similar coffee here, but we do it the Bosnian style with this utensil -> But it’s similar, the grinded coffee is added inside and boiled until it goes up. Then you take it off the heat, let it calm down and pour. I usually put a lot of milk in the coffee. Your’s was very dark, I can’t drink that one. Is that how you have your coffee?

    Mi piace caffe latte (con molto latte), perche io sono un ragazzo molto gentile, you knoe 😉

  3. Mintea

    I do put sugar in my coffee, I don’t think I’d be able to drink it straight up black like that, hahaha. But for mokka, milk is quite a rarity for me.

    If you don’t have a coffee dispenser, just spoon enough coffee till fills up to the top of the filter like in the video 🙂

    You let me know if you want one, those things are pretty easily found here.

    And I love my hippo slippers! Its cute and keeps my feet toasty 😀


    Where do you put the coffee? I dont see any valve in there? Do you have to filter it yourself?

    Mmm .. I can just smell the scent of coffee from that picture!

    I like my mokka black with some sugar. And yes, you are un ragazzo molto gentile 😛 Hehehe!

  4. nice video rinaz! I can see the Italian has improved. Yeay for you! 😀

    the coffee filter is cool! I love how you showed how the coffee flowed out from the middle.. There’s just something science-y cool about that. Hahaha. Sadly I’m not a fan of coffee..

  5. Sylv

    Shh … don’t tell anyone that I didn’t translate that, I just read out loud from the script 😛

    Why don’t you drink coffee? Was it something about the effects that made you sleepy instead?

  6. Jessen

    What coffee are you drinking? I think that its not so hard to find the equipments for mokka 🙂

    The coffee press machine, the ones you see in coffee houses on the other hand, would be cool, taste fantastic, but is a tad bit expensive

  7. Maalikka

    You have the same cups? Really? What kind of coffee does your family drink?

    Aww shucks about the comment about SQSS. *hug* How is it going on by the way? I bet that there are a lot of changes already. Its a pity that the school blog isnt updated else I could have seen it for myself.

    Do you guys still learn IT?


    oh I see!

    Coincidentally this morning I had tea, the loose tea kind and it was such a hassle to drink! There were tea leaves everywhere and I had to filter it.

    I am more used to the tea bag types 😛


    Most importantly is the coffee made lovingly by a loved one 🙂


    Hahaha, bravissimo!


    Can! One kopi coming right up!


    Hohoho, you want one? 😀

  8. Hey, I hv a set in the attic ! Was given as a Xmas present eon yrs ago n I totally forgotten abt it bec I dont understand the italian manual :-I Thanks for showing me how 🙂

    In Rome we had yummy coffee at the hotel – 1 part black coffee n 1 part frothy hot melk. Do u know how to make this ? I hv tried n it turned out bitter – yaks. Hubby thinks it’s a chemistry gone wrong between dutch ground coffee n milk ?

    Also with the expresso, u can only make a small cup per serving, right ? Can it be diluted with hot water like the kopitiam uncle does in SG ? It certainly looked like very strong coffee to me. How do the Romans drink coffee like that – I hv seen it at the cafe !

  9. Hey, thanks for dropping by my site.

    That is one interesting video you make! I know the song! From Flight of the Conchords right? Ha ha ha. How long did it take to make the entire video? From start to finish? Just wondering.

  10. I’ll add just a couple of advices:

    1) stir the coffee before pouring!!

    2) NEVER use soap to wash the Moka Express. Wash with water as soon as possible, don’t let the coffee dry, or it’ll be tough to remove. But never use soap. you want a thin layer of coffee oil to shield the aluminium, so that the coffee won’t get a metallic taste.

    3) Check for scale. the inside of the lower part tends to get a lot of it. you can use lemon juice or vinegar to remove it. Just remember to wash it with water. Sour and coffee just don’t match 😛

    4) Keep the rubber ring and the screw thread clean (using water). It’ll be easier to close it tight.

  11. Dutchie

    Hmm … I think you’d need to get one of those gourmet coffee machines with the ones to steam the milk. The mokka coffee machine cant do that, unfortunately.

    Cart used this milk frothener which is actually another tool but he think that its not as good as the real coffee machine.

    I dont recommend you to dilute it with water … Why would you want to do that? Tak sedap!

    Anyway what kind of coffee are you using? Arabica or robusta? 🙂


    Haha, yes! Its the foux du fafa song from Flight of the concords 🙂

    Hm .. shooting the video didnt take too long, probably less than an hour at the most. Its the editing which took longer, maybe a good 3 hours? Because of all the subtitles, the cutting, the pasting and the whatnots 😛


    Ahh .. the ever coffee perfectionist 😛

  12. I once blogged about how I had no clue how to make coffee, and people laughed! Sigh. I don’t have that whole filter thing at home either so I think I’ll leave all coffee-making to the baristas. 😀

  13. Ciao Cartcart – grazie for those wonderful tips. Now my expresso set is safe from too rigorous a soapy scrub – haha.

    Rinaz, the coffee in NL is a mix of both. I thought diluting the coffee would tone down the bitter taste. It looked too strong for my tender taste buds (~_!)

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