How to create watermark for your pictures

In a span of one week, I’ve had a couple of people asking me about Photochop. Suddenly I feel like I am a computer applications teacher all over again. Not that its a bad thing

Watch this video tutorial below on how to create watermark for your pictures.

And let me know how it goes!

Sidenote :

  • If you’re wondering what software I used to record the tutorial, I used CamStudio – its free!
  • Also, if you dont have Photoshop, I recommend the online editor, – no need to register, and its very close to photochop

10 Replies to “How to create watermark for your pictures”

  1. Hey, very good tutorial, only the video quality is not so good and hard to hear you… maybe it’s my computer, I donno.

    Btw, I wonder who are these people who ask you bout Photoshop XD

    (I like your voice and your English! You get top grades from me :D)

  2. ZQ

    Doubtful that its the computer memory since my touchsmart has 4GB of ram. I think it could possibly be Camstudio. I’ve re-recorded it using Camtasia Studio. I think it looks ok now.


    No need to ask 😛


    I stole it from Plurk 🙂

  3. I’m using the ordinary Picasa to create watermark. Simple. Just use the text over the picture function, and voila!

    It’s also for free

  4. Since I sometimes host my pictures on photobucket, I usually add the watermark from there. They have this photo editing stuff that can add texts, symbols, frames, etc etc. Usually ppl use it to make some atrocious images with loads of heart signs and frames. but sometimes it’s useful! 😛

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