I love the Summer Sale!

While in Singapore, there is the Great Singapore Sale, in Italy, there is the summer sale. Typically, there will be a 30 – 50% discounts all around.

I was just surfing through Promod one fine day and seriously contemplating to buy some. The only thing that I feared was the infamous Italian Postal delivery being late and asking for more service charge on top of the taxes. My computer took more than 4 months to be delivered.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw that there was a branch at a mall near us. And even more surprising is that Cart wanted us to go out for shopping! I found a pair of Enrico Coveri shoes that I liked and I rummaged through the Promod store for a couple of threads.

Rinaz wears Promod

I love my new clothes!

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  1. Diana



    Thank you! But so leceh to make πŸ˜› The left one kept falling down that in the end, I just photoshop the left bun πŸ˜› HAHAHAHA

  2. Haha, cheat sia.

    Good photoshop, I couldn’t tell the difference.

    Still classic photo!

    I love that white dress polka dot, but I recommend don’t bun your hair when going out wearing it :p

  3. My wife and I took advantage of the Great Singapore sale to get some new clothes too! It had been quite a while since we updated our wardrobe, so we were very thrilled at the discounted prices.

  4. Sha

    The white polka dot dress is on sale! 20 euro! (more or less SG prices I think hahaha)

    And don’t worry, I wont be bunning up my hair ala Princess Leia any time soon πŸ˜›


    Women need to have pretty things every now and then! πŸ˜€

    I only realised how much I missed then when going shopping with Cart the other day πŸ™‚

    And what is CL shoes? I never heard of such a brand.


    Usually things on sale are for out of season items that they want to clear out but of course, they are still lovely! Its fun go to shopping every now and then. I think you and your wife really had a blast! πŸ™‚

  5. Agree agree, women need pretty things… every day! Lol. Euro summer sales are fantastic! That’s the joy of living in a country having 4 seasons. Especially in one of the fashion capitals/countries of the world. ^_^

    Oh, CL is Christian Louboutin, dahhhhliiiingggggg.

    Sexay heels!

    Tinggi nyer ajer, tak bleh angkat.

  6. CC

    Ohh, good! Haha, just feeling silly πŸ™‚


    I wonder how the sale season is like in Milan. Will it be even more happening since its one of the fashion capitals? Hehehe.

    And I dont think I can wear a Louboutin shoes, because 1) One shoe costs about 500 usd and above (mahal nak mampos!) and 2) much too high for me to even balance myself. If I only sit and dont move around, maybe I can wear … HAHAHA!

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