Part 5 – Ever wondered why there are loud drumming out your window on Sundays?

If you’ve always wondered why there are loud drumming going on outside your window, usually Sundays, chances are you are hearing a Malay Wedding precession.

Cart comes for bersanding for rinaz

This is when the groom arrives to the bride’s place. He is accompanied by friends and relatives as well as a group of kompang drummers. Together they make their presence known by the loud drumming.

The groom tries to approach the bride, but the bride’s family doesn’t make it easy for the groom to pass though! Just take a look at this video :

What this post, this is the final instalment of the wedding series.

Take a peek at the previous posts :

If anyone is interested, here are contacts for some of the people involved with the wedding. I’m not paid for plugging, but I think that they did a good job

Also huge thanks to friends and family and everyone who helped out! There are just too many! And especially to you, mak. I miss you

rinaz and mak and ayah

With one chapter is closed, and a new chapter starts

Sidenote : Thanks for the plug, Sha!

12 Replies to “Part 5 – Ever wondered why there are loud drumming out your window on Sundays?”

  1. Gary

    Its right there in the middle


    No worries 🙂

    Good thing must share! Hehehe. And I am happy that you came over to the wedding dinner. I saw your blog post and its really sweet 🙂

  2. I almost ended up on my own Malay wedding… But it just wasn’t meant to be. I guess to marry depends on fate. So far I’m not yet married and I’m almost 30, but I guess if there’s someone out there (perempuan Melayu maybe? ^^), then I may be lucky one day to marry.

  3. Actually, I have heard these drums quite a few times in the year I’ve lived in Singapore and I always wondered what they were. This is a very lovely post and I enjoyed the video. I look forward to taking the time to go back through this series you made about Malay weddings and learning a bit more about them.

  4. Nino

    Who knows, fate has a funny way of unfolding itself 🙂

    I never imagined that I’d ever marry an Italian. I’ve always thought that I’d marry a Malay guy and settle in Singapore.

    So, maybe you’d meet a Gadis Melayu? 🙂

    Brad F

    Thanks for the comments. Anyhow I enjoy sharing information. Though its pretty common for me, I think that its good to share things with people 🙂

    Who knows, maybe we could learn from each other, right?

  5. Nino

    Menikah? Tetapi saya sudah bersuami! 😛


    Never been to a Malay wedding? Are you serious! I think that you’d be going to one sooner or later! 🙂

  6. Hey girl, thank you so much for uploading your wedding videos. Even tho i am a singaporean, i dont know anything about malay weddings (never been invited to one before 🙁 )

    You have given us all so much insight.
    Keep writing!

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