Delicious Indonesian food at Pagi Sore

Updated : Pagi Sore has relocated to Far East Square

I only knew about Pagi Sore when my ex colleague, Sumi recommended the place and brought me there for lunch. I love the food there and I think that its worth to travel all the way to Jurong for it.

Pagi Sore

The Place

Situated in Jurong Superbowl, Pagi Sore might be a bit cumbersome to travel to for those without their own transportation. On the other hand you could reach here easily by taking the SMRT and then taking the 240 bus.

Having said that, the surrounding area invokes a sense of retro 80s feel that is getting harder to find in Singapore. Apart from the occasional few shopper around probably heading to Sheng Siong, the area is mostly tranquil.

Jurong Bowling

Jurong Superbowl brings memories to me during my school days – it was one of my stomping grounds. Countless of days I spent too much time in the arcade playing Golden Axe till my dad had to drag me back home.

Jurong Bowling

Loads of things have changed since then. The arcade is no more, and instead is replaced by food kiosks and restaurants.

It was lunch time when Sumi and I arrived. Inside, there were already a number of people having their lunch.

The Service

We were greeted by the usher and soon after, we were seated.

Pagi Sore patrons

Personally for me, being the first time there, I was not too sure about what to order. But the staff were very friendly and gave suggestions of to what to order. Sumi, already being a regular at the place, knew beforehand what to order.

We had a basket of keropok to munch on while waiting for the food, which arrived about 15 minutes later.

The Food

I like Indonesian food and love my food spicy! From Ayam Penyet to Gado gado, I enjoyed everything that I had that day.

This was the Cumi Goreng Istimewa.


Literally translated as Special Fried Cuttlefish. This was extremely tasty to me, the marinate was lovely, with a sweet smoky taste, while the cuttlefish was tender and juicy. Its just too bad that it was not stuffed.

This was the Tahu Telor

Tahu Telor

This is a very common dish for Indonesian restaurants. While this might not look spectacular in picture, but it was lovely. Tahu telor is a dish made by deep fried bean curd with egg and then showered with a savoury peanut sauce.

This was the Terong Tau Chio


This was brinjals in soya beans. I’m not too big with dishes with whole soya beans and this dish is pretty good to eat although personally for me, I didn’t think that its anything too special.

This was the Udang Mentega


These were the stir fried buttered Prawns. A tad oily, but still yummy!

Sumi was a little surprised to see this dish appearing on our table as we did not order it. We were pleased to find out later that we got it for free for ordering the number of dishes that we did.

This was the Ikan Goreng Balado


I love fish and whole fried fish is like a special treat to me. This dish uses whole sea-bass which is deep fried and then lathered with a special chilli sauce. The fish was wonderfully crispy and succulent with the sauce has sweet and hot mix to it.

And finally Ayam Panggang


Spicy grilled chicken with herbs, this dish, as the rest of the dishes was delightful. Smoky, rich sauce with tender and juicy chicken meat. I loved eating this.

The rice was served all wrapped in a coconut leaf to make it smell fragrant.


At the end of our meal, we were both very satisfied, full and happy women. I was blissfully happy and was looking forward to eating here again. Pagi Sore is a little bit on the expensive side with each dish ranging about $6 to $20 but to me, it was worth it.


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11 Replies to “Delicious Indonesian food at Pagi Sore”

  1. there’s another branch of pagi sore in the area between chinatown/raffles place. walked past it before while working at chinatown. Really want to try it now. Yum.

  2. i used to work for the macs near pagi sore, and the pagi sore restaurant owner occasionally lets us have some leftovers. And by some, i meant alot.
    Its good, let me assure you.

  3. Waaaah… looks so absolutely sedap siah! When I go back to Singapore, I got to try that. Now that I am in Melbourne, we do have indonesian food too but tak shiok lah.

    1. I think that its worth going to 🙂

      And I’m in the same situation as you are, its hard to find good Asian restaurants here, there is no kick :S

  4. On trips back to Thailand, sometimes I’m able to stop in Singapore on the way. Thanks for the good restaurant tips. I think you dig up some of the better places to try.

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