Rinaz the pirate

To make a long story short, my eyes felt irritated last weekend and there was a white spot that formed in my cornea.

A visit to the ophthalmologist says that it was a Corneal Abscess and that it was probably my contact lenses that was giving me problems. I was given 5 different types of medication. 3 of them were eyedrops that I had to use every waking hour.

Stupid medication for my eyes

It was rather fastidious. One of them in particular, gave me a strange bitter taste in my tongue when I drop it in my eye. It was so unpleasant that even nutella tasted bitter. And I’m increasingly photophobic with the medication.

Piraty Pirate

In the end, the Lab Analysis came back and reported that there wasn’t anything wrong with my contact lenses. But they threw them away anyways.

And now I’m wearing an eye bandage. All I need now to complete the look is a parrot.

4 Replies to “Rinaz the pirate”

  1. Yikes! Lots of meds! Take care and get well soon!

    P.S That SDA suka you punya computer ngan boots, tak? Sebab tu dorang nak kapur habis.

  2. Kynne

    Nak tangkap glamour dengan kasut orang lain agaknya 😛


    Yesterday I had a very exciting time looking in the mirror. The left eye is normal, the right eye, the pupil very big. Like a cat.


    Contact lenses does not equate pirates! 😛

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