Suddenly I have dry skin

Singapore is usually 100% humid with a temperature of about 28 degrees Celsius all year round. Its like being in a sauna. While it is actually good for skin, keeping it youthful looking, the downside is that it tends to bring the oil gland factories working at an overload.

Rinaz has oily skin that can fry an egg

Thus Facial blotters are something that is very commonly used in Singapore. These are small plastic like films that you dab on your face to soak up oil. It’s amazing to see how much the little film extracts oil.

Grapefruit Clean and Clear Facial Blotter

So when I was in Rome for the first time, I was amazed that I did not need to use a facial blotter due to the temperature and low humidity. It was only when my face started to get a little flaky was when I finally realised that it was actually getting dry!

This was my usual facial skincare

As I’ve been using skincare for oily skin for since my teenage years, it was something very new to me to finally be buying moisturiser for my face. But buying skincare in another country, where you don’t know the language well, is very daunting.

From Oil of Ulan to Olay to Olaz?

For example, the first week when I was in Rome and running out of hair conditioner, I was extremely confused. What is “Conditioner” in Italian? It was only after a long while that I found out that I needed a bottle of “Balsamo“.

But eventually, with the limited amount of Italian that I know, I’m actually having fun decoding the packaging. This one says :

Nivea Hydrating Day Cream

New refreshing formula
Hydrating day cream
24 hour hydration and protection for fresh skin
With lotus extract and vitamins – SPF 8
For normal and combination skin

And it got simpler after that, so much so that I feel more confident of getting other nice stuff 🙂

My new skincare

The Rosa body cream was my favourite.

Italian Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo

I think that this is a great way of immersing in Italian language at the same time too. Now you know what “No more tears” in Italian is 🙂

I like my outfit! Ehehehehe (Ala pet society)

12 Replies to “Suddenly I have dry skin”

  1. Cartcart

    Come on! There is nothing wrong with the tile!


    Try the grapefruit one if there are still around, I love the smell a lot 🙂


    Yikes! Cracked skin, that sounds very unpleasant 🙁 I am sure that its just as painful as the cracked lips that I tend to have if I dont use my lipbalm.

    Ooh and good call about the Cold Cream. I should try to source out for that here … I wonder what its called in Italian.

    Bedak Sejuk?

    Kah kah kah

  2. I love your boots!! 😀 Sexeh!!

    Yea, winter does that to me too. If I don’t moisturize my body, I’ll get scales after 2 weeks. My arms are too short and fat to reach my back, so I ended up with dry cracked skin. It was torture!! I also cannot wash my face too often… Ponds Cold Cream was the answer to taking off makeup on the face…

    The product packaging there don’t look much different – just the language does! They still look interesting 🙂

  3. Malique

    Now where I am supposed to find that? 😛


    Yes, but I am cuter than you are 😛


    I do now! 🙂 Its in my bag ready to be used when I see words that I dont know 🙂

  4. Very important to keep a consistent moisturizing regime, my mom made me do it even though Singapore is damn hot. But if you use the gel type moisturiser, it helps keep skin fresher as well, especially after using toner.

    Oh and Jergens Skin lotion is very good, if you can somehow find it and get it over from Singapore.

  5. Europe has plenty of Nivea skincare range than Asia has. 🙁 I was so jealous of their product line when I was in Sweden last year. They had Nivea shower gel and SOS hand cream! And we have none of that here! Damn it.
    Speaking of dry skin… the SOS hand cream by Nivea works wonders! None of those wrinkly, pruny looking fingers that seem to surface when in dry, cold climate. 🙂

  6. Jerrick

    I love Jergens! I used to use it till I ran out of it and here in Italy, there isnt any Jergens to be sold (not that I’ve seen any though)

    But anyways, the bottle of body moisturizer from Beaute Point is really nice. Smells like bandung 😀


    I’m surprised at the range of items too. Before this, I thought that Nivea only did body moisturizers and facial care. Then I saw Nivea bath products and even hair care.

    I checked out the website and I saw one product that I dont think that many Asians will use – its a cream that makes you darker slowly. Quite interesting as we’d go for skin brightening products.

    Ah, and thanks for the heads up about the SOS hand cream. I’ll try to look out for it 🙂

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