What is the strangest food that you’ve ever eaten?

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When I was a very young girl, while the old Geylang Serai was around, my dad would always buy a packet of steamed turtle eggs. For me, it was something very interesting to see. The seller would open a case and I could peer in something that looked like ping pong balls with sliced pandan leaves scattered around it.

Turtle eggs in Terengganu, Malaysia
Turtle eggs for sale in Terenganu, Malaysia

But unlike ping pong balls, the shell was soft and it tore off easily. Inside was a perfectly round yolk surrounded by viscous transparent liquid. Unlike chicken egg, turtle eggs was a new experience for me. It was acidic and it smelled rather caustic.

I didn’t fancied it. But apparently, it was a delicacy as I noticed plentiful of sellers selling them.

However, some years later, I did not see them being sold anymore. I suppose that with turtles being a protected species, there would be a law being implemented to against the trading of eggs.

Not that I would be missing them though.

Balut is another one

And as I watch television, youtube and in casual talks with friends, I discover that there are plentiful of food that makes me cringe.

But there is nothing like what Cart described to me.

Casu Marzu, a Sardinian delicacy. Pecorino cheese with maggots inside, eating and excreting the cheese to give it the soft texture.

Casu Marzu

What makes it more cringeworthy is that the maggots tend to jump when disturbed, potentially hitting the diner’s eyes.

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What is the most wierdest, grossest food that you’ve ever had?

Sidenote : I’m really getting addicted to watching Hell’s Kitchen nowadays. Youtube is truly a time sucker 😛

9 Replies to “What is the strangest food that you’ve ever eaten?”

  1. i love all kinds of cheese so i’d probably try that at least once but after picking out all the maggots! it looks rich.

    strangest food i’ve tried is a cup of steamed silkworms in south korea. the silkworm flesh tasted like crabmeat.

    btw, telur penyu is one of aidil’s fave childhood foods. i like it too. but i’d never eat balut.

    anyway have fun eating and exploring italy rinaz!

  2. Eeeeewwww… that’s like ultimate super gross although I love turtle eggs and other foods of exotic origins! But why settle for this when you have oodles and oodles of lovely Italian noodles?

  3. Ophelia

    Neither would I! But honestly, I would like to go to Sardegnia and see it for myself in real life! Hehehe


    So do you still like Quattro Formaggio Pizza? Hehehehe!


    Its maggot feces … the thought itself is mind boggling …


    It looks rich cos its maggot dung … are you sure you still want to eat it?

    Silkworms sounds very exotic. Is there a silkworm farm especially made for the food market? It seems interesting to me 🙂


    But its a great blog topic 😛


    I never said that I was going to eat it, just interesting to see the wierd and the wonderful food that is eaten all over the world 🙂

  4. Ooo.

    I like turtle eggs, ate them before when I was young..

    I ate balut before.. now when I get to eat it, I only eat the yolk.. I can’t bear to bite a poor dead duck lol.

    As for that casu marzu thingy.. looks nice. LOL!

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