3 weeks in a nutshell

Wow, life has been crazy for the past three weeks that I’ve hardly had time to just sit down and think. Just a quick summary about the 3 weeks so far.

Kucing Joo Chiat

When Cart arrived in Singapore, 4 days before our wedding, we’ve been running around trying to complete things like the marriage guidance course, buying gifts for each other for the hantaran, the Registry of Marriage interview, the choosing of the wedding ring.

My dad peeking through the ROMM solemnization room

It was completely crazy! Not to mention stressful. Every few minutes there would always be issues that needed to be tended to. It was overwhelming! Things like these should have been done in a longer span. But what can we do as Cart and I are in a long distance relationship.

Hema, Marina and Juli at my solemnization

Then was the craziness of the wedding itself. To me I felt as if time has just sped up. The three days has passed by so quickly, that I didnt manage to enjoy the beautiful .reception set up under the void deck, there were so many faces that friends and relatives looked like a blur. It was seriously overwhelming.

Cart the Jedi and Rinaz as Amidala

This was a new level of stress for me. And I really am grateful to everyone who have helped out in the wedding preparations, from my relatives who helped out in cooking and the food, my blogger friends in helping out in the tech side of things as well as everyone who have attended.

My aunt helping out in my wedding

And yet there were things that added to my stress. Such as the bridal package issue. I found their work ethics extremely unprofessional and it affected me tremendously that a week after the wedding, I was in a complete emotional wreck.

But I’ll blog about that in another post.

Even after the wedding, life was very hectic. It was a Malay custom to bersembah. Almost everyday, Cart and I had to visit my relatives to ask for blessings for our marriage.

Cart and Rinaz goes bersembah

We were finally done with visiting friday night with the Malaysian relatives. And I’m really desperate for time now to meet my own friends.

At peperoni pizza!

Cart and I are leaving for Italy tomorrow.

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  1. oh you’ve left for your honeymoon.. i found your blog cos i was looking at SoyJoy’s nutrition info..lol i think might just try it out as a meal replacement for a month? wanna trim down weight! hehehe

  2. Congrats and all the best for your new life together with Cart in Rome. Hope you will be able to settle in well in your new home and new life and remember, a lot of patience is needed for living in Italy and dealing with daily life here 😛 It’s freeeeezing cold now so cover up well when you are out and abouts.

  3. Mintea

    I miss you too 🙁


    Its not exactly a meal replacement and I dont think that they claim to be, but it was filling for me to eat one bar alone 🙂


    Very soon I hope! 🙂


    Grazie grazie 🙂

    Cobalt Paladin

    I really want to blog, but my mojo isnt feeling the same when using cart’s computer … no photoshop! no premiere elements! Argh!


    Will miss you too 🙁


    You’re in UK yourself there 🙁


    I miss you too 🙁


    You bet … I’ve just started going to the central police and I’m sure you know how I am feeling right now 😛

    Young Werther

    Such a silly picture isnt it? :p

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