Have you ever eaten food that made you feel full?

Did you know that certain foods make you feel satiated while some doesn’t make you feel full no matter how much you consume it?

I had a very informative session recently at the screening room, hosted by Soyjoy and Ogilvy. Their main event was to watching the famous documentary, Supersize me – in which a man attempts to consume only McDonald’s items for 30 days.

Supersize me

Having already watched this movie some while back, the show did not have the same effect as it did the first time that I watched it. Then I avoided fast food restaurants for some while but afterwards I think that eating in moderation and coupled with exercise is the key to a healthy body.

Its always easy to put the blame on fast food restaurants, but then again we have the freedom of choice of the things that we do to our body.

Rinaz and HoneyMeow

Like how the inspirational story of how Honeymeow whom I had the pleasure to meet for the first time. In about a year, she has lost her weight from 100kg to about 67kg at the present moment through her dietary intake and exercise.

Personally for me, losing weight hasn’t been the easiest thing to do.

Rinaz is exercising

Even after exercising regularly after about a year, I haven’t lost any weight at all! Although I do feel much fitter than I did a years ago.

The issue for me I suppose is that I love food so much. I’m not willing to give good food up! And as we all know, we can only lose weight when the calories that we exercise is more than the food that we eat.

I once had this conversation with my family doctor :

Me : I wish I could lose weight

Doc : Then you’d have to eat less.

Me : But I exercise!

Doc : Correct, but you still need to consume less food. What do you eat for breakfast?

Me : Usually Nasi Lemak, stuff like that.

Doc : You should eat only two pieces of wholewheat bread in the morning.

Me : What?! Only bread?! I’ll feel hungry!

Doc : Its all in your mind because its your habit

And in a way, I suppose that Doc had a point. During the fasting month, I find my food intake decrease as the weeks progress.

But I would like to have another opinion. Thus I was glad to have met Soo Lin, a chief dietitian for NUH who educated us about Glycemic Index.

In a nutshell, all foods are categorized into different levels of GI which affects the satiety level. There are some food that can make you feel full without eating much of it, such as a bowl of oats, whereas I can polish off a tray of sushi with no problem at all.


But I was surprised when I ate a bar of Soyjoy. There were a number of bars on the table. I don’t normally like soy but it looked like regular chocolate bars. Insouciantly, I took a bite. Although it wasn’t as sweet as a chocolate bar, it was still pleasant. I snacked on a banana afterwards.

That was when I realised that I felt rather full. How strange.

The feeling lasted till hours since I reached home even. It was an unfamiliar feeling for me as by this time, I would have munched on a burger or something substantial.

Wow. Imagine snacking on this on a more regular basis. It could probably aid in my food cravings πŸ™‚

Have you ever eaten food that made you feel full before?

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12 Replies to “Have you ever eaten food that made you feel full?”

  1. Babe, you exercise, that’s why you feel hungry faster! πŸ˜€

    From the South Beach diet forum, they say eat more proteins with the complex carbs and you’ll feel fuller for a longer period. Basmati rice has low GI, so it’s really good for u coz it has less starch… As for SoyJoy, I’ve checked the sugar level – 20something grams per serving, am I right? It’s quite high. Most of these health bars are so full of sugar, they mislead us into thinking they’re healthy, when they’re really not. On those days you’re watching what you eat, you may want to try Carmen’s muesli bars – they’re full of fibre, only 3 grams of sugar a bar and they fill me up for hours. But once in a while you treat yourself to SoyJoy is fine of course. I actually lost a lot of weight 3 years ago when I cut down on sugar yet didn’t exercise at all. I didn’t watch what I eat after a while… so of course I put on the weight I lost *hahahahaa* Then since late May, I started exercising and tried to cut down on sugar. Not easy!!! Only lost a miserly 4kg… Exercise makes me hungry lah, how not to eat… Now I just eat and enjoy both food and the exercise. If I don’t lose weight… oh well, I tried. πŸ˜›

    BTW, you look great! I don’t think you need to lose any weight. Just keep exercising!! πŸ˜‰

  2. Mintea

    I think that it might work, I really did feel full afterwards!


    Cereal as in those flakes in milky drinks? Oh, I like that very very much … Yum!


    I think that you have the same issue as I do! Its not easy to lose weight even with exercise because we both love to eat πŸ™‚

    Somtimes its quite of a hassle to watch what we eat right? I dont think that we’d enjoy our lives so much if we had to calculate every single thing that we eat.

    And sometimes I just swallow the things that I crave πŸ˜›

    And thank you for the suggestion of Carmen Muesli bar. Where do you get them though? I’ve never heard of it before. Sounds expensive?

    Ok, will try to avoid sugar πŸ™‚


    Oh no worries at all! *hugs* I do find you inspirational πŸ™‚


    What makes you think that I don’t talk to her?

  3. I don’t know why, but soyjoy bar doesn’t make me feel full. I don’t think its supposed to, unless the person is a small eater. It’s more like a snack than a meal replacement imo.

  4. Hahha! It doesn’t make me feel full either. I need solid stuff like fish or chicken and large amounts of them to really be full. This one is just something I’d take ON THE WAY to get my meal.

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