Bintan Resort Lagoon – 2 days in paradise (part 2)

Contrary to what Moby said about Bintan Lagoon Resort rooms facing the sea being haunted, Geri and I slept soundly with no disturbances and woke up refreshed. At 6 am, it was a beautiful morning, with the sun shining brightly.

Beautiful Morning in Bintan Lagoon Resort

Initially, we wanted to go cycling, but there were none available at that particular time, so we decided to go for a jog around the resort. It wasn’t an easy track for us as it went uphill and down. We went past the villas, the beach and back to the activity center. It was so tiring that I’m embarrassed that I feel so unfit.

Cakes and Desserts at Kopi O

After my ordeal, we washed up and got ready to go have breakfast at the resort cafe, Kopi-O where a beautiful buffet was ready. There were loads of lovely intercontinental food there. I enjoyed my breakfast so much that I forgot to take a picture of my plate.

Geri eating omelette

As we ate, I looked outside the window. It was a nice view – seeingย the greenery and water catchment outside of the window. But then I spotted a man sitting precariously at the edge of the pond. I remember that the the pond was rather steep and for some while, I felt alarmed.

Man on a steep pond at Bintan lagoon Resort

Regardless, he looked very confident and comfortable with his stance and we left him to his own devices.

After our breakfast, all of us couldn’t wait to head to the beach to play. It was such a lovely morning. Immediately, we jumped on our buggies and headed off to the sea!

If the sea was lovely at night time, it was breathtaking in the day! It was a beautiful shade of bright blue and the soothing sound of the waves greeted us. We couldn’t help ourselves but to run around on the beach.

Beautiful Bintan Lagoon Beach

I kicked off my slippers and went around barefooted. The sands were soft. It was like walking on brown coloured flour.

Beautiful Bintan Lagoon Beach


Below is a short video clip on the trip to the beach :

Il Mare at Bintan Lagoon from rinaz on Vimeo

We were so enamored by the beach that we started jumping around.

First it was me.

Beautiful Bintan Lagoon Beach

And then Geri joined in.

Beautiful Bintan Lagoon Beach

And then Jenjen!

Beautiful Bintan Lagoon Beach

We had such a riot on the beach. But we did not stay too long as the weather seemed too hot after a while. Thus, after our beach revelry, we headed to the Leisure Center where we played with ATVs!

Jenjen on Quad Bike
Here is Jenjen on a Quad Bike

This was another first for me as I’ve never ridden on a quad bike before. Having been used to my scooter, the feeling of riding a quad bike was similar but slightly different compared to motorcycles as we could travel on bumpier roads. Impossible for regular motorcycles. We went through different terrains, some sandy areas, some jungly like.

I had so much fun running through the different areas! Even if I did crash into some vegetation, it was still awesome zooming around on the quad bike. I love the the feeling!

Here is a short video of our encounter with the Quad Bikes :

ATV Ride from rinaz on Vimeo

Our exciting ATV rides has made us work up an appetite and not before too long, we were treated to a lovely lunch at the Miyako Japanese Restaurant.

The restaurant was nicely decorated with clean, natural and green furnishings. For me, it invoked a sense of serenity being in the place.

And soon our foods arrived! I love Japanese food! Yummy!

Miyako Japanese Restaurants at Bintan Resort Lagoon

I remember liking the grilled mackerel a lot. It was very flavorful and tasty. Not to mention the delicious Tuna Sashimi! A dab of shoyu and wasabi and I was slurping on pure happiness. I wished my tempura was less oily, but nevertheless, it was still nice to eat anyways.

Miyako Japanese Restaurant at Bintan Lagoon Resort

And before we knew it, it was time to pack up and get ready to head for home. And reluctantly we said goodbye to our beautiful deluxe room, goodbye to the buggies and goodbye to the beautiful island of Bintan.

Sea Ferry from Bintan Island
Snapped using my Innov8

Thank you so much Felicia, Sari and everyone for the warm hospitality. Geri and I really enjoyed our stay. The break was truly a step in paradise ๐Ÿ™‚

Geri and Rinaz

Have you ever been to Bintan before? What do you think of it?

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  1. Moby

    I’m too sexeh to be haunted … too sexeh to be hanted … ๐Ÿ˜›


    Everyone needs a holiday ๐Ÿ™‚ Where do you plan to have a vacation at? Did you manage to sign up for the Bintan Contest by the way?


    Yes I am ๐Ÿ˜› ROFL


    The ATV ride was awesome, wished I had the camera with me during the ride, but I dont want to risk damaging it though :


  2. Awww, the job shots are taken so well! But I must really comment that Bintan Lagoon Resort is indeed a very nice resort to be in – very relaxing and fun by the beach. I am glad you enjoyed yourself. I remembered the last time I even went to Bintan was like 2 years ago when I stayed in Bintan Lagoon Resort. Haha.

  3. Hi there! I’ll be going for a vacation there too.. and to count down for the new year with my boyfriend. I’m so looking forward to the trip after reading your review. Thanks!!!

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