Sony vs Canon Cameras – which would you pick?

Recently, I was invited back to back on two camera launch events – Sony as well as Canon along with a couple of fellow bloggers. I was rather excited to see how technology has progressed throughout the years considering that my very first digital camera was a rather decrepit and clunky 2.1 megapixel camera. It still managed to take pretty nifty pictures like this one that I took in Phuket, Thailand.

Sunset in Patong by Rinaz

In the Sony event, held at the very beautiful White Rabbit we were introduced to 3 new cameras in its cyber-shot series, namely the DSC-T77, DSC-T700 as well as the DSC-T500.

Sony Camera

At first glance, the cybershots were extremely attractive – the body looked elegant and yet fun with its bright and colourful exterior. In both the DSC-T77 and the DSC-T700, there were several memorable functions such as the slideshow.

Calendar Function in Sony Camera

This function will sort your pictures are sorted according to the dates the pictures were taken and its even possible to sort it according to smiles and faces! I thought this was a very useful function as I tend to leave my pictures in my SD card. It’s actually a bad habit but its something that most of us are guilty of. Thus this function made it so much easier to see the pictures that I wanted, rather than to trudge through the hundreds of pictures that I had.

Smile Function in Sony Camera
Snapped using the Sony T700. No editing in this except to resize and watermark

Another function that I found interesting was the smile shutter which automatically snaps a picture once the camera detects a smile. The first time that I seen this in action was when Jean was showing her new camera at a blogger event last year and I thought that it was very cool.

But the camera that I had my eyes on was the T500. Although it was not as slim as compared to the other two cybershots, the T500 was unique due to its ability to record HD Videos.

Being a video enthusiast, I was very interested in this camera. Undoubtedly professional video cameras are more renowned, but small cameras such as these are very portable. And yet, visually, the image was sharper and the audio was clearer too when compared side by side with regular cameras. And I think that this could be very useful for me.

In the second event held at Tower Club and then later at the Supper Club, it was time to see what new Cameras that Canon was coming up with. Having owned and used several Canon cameras such as the 350D SLR, the Ixus 750 and the Ixus 80 IS, Canon was a brand that I was very familiar with.

Canon Camera Ixus Collection

Canon introduced a wide range of cameras. There were so many that that it was over my head. Some of the ones that I can remember were their new powershot series – namely the A1000 IS as well as its Powershot E1.

Canon Powershot A1000

Powershots are known to take good quality pictures. This picture below was taken with the A1000 and there are no Photoshop done to this picture apart from resizing and watermarking. I thought that it produced a very quality picture even with my unsteady hands.

A test picture using the Canon Powershot A1000

Personally for me, I’m not too fond of the Powershot series as it uses the AA batteries – making it bulkier than the Ixus’s series.

Battery in Canon Powershot Camera

The new E1 was designed to appeal for the ladies, with its cute pink and blue exterior. I don’t feel too comfortable carrying a camera which looked too toy-like and plasticy. Thus the elegant ixus series is more for me.

Canon Powershot E1 Camera

There were a number of other cameras that were intriguing to me such as their EOS 50D camera which had 15 megapixels. Thats way more megapixals than evenmy SLR. It incorporates their new digic 4 processor which will allow for even faster processing and noise reduction for higher ISO – the details of the image is zoomed in the computer was clear and I found that pretty impressive.

There were also the SX10 IS which I found interesting – you could pull out the LCD display and twist it to face in your direction so that you could preview the picture before snapping – very useful for taking self photos.

Holy Trinity - Nadnut, Claudia and Rinaz

I wished I chance to play with the cameras for longer. I would have liked to try the cameras out and use them in day to day situations. The thing about events is that it was hard to make an opinion by just a few minutes of tinkering.

p.s I really like this photo printer. This will be great for the guests to use during the wedding. 🙂

I want a selphy! from rinaz on Vimeo.

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  1. i’ve had this qns on my mind too, sony or canon. i have a sony camera and it captures vibrant colors and scenes very well. never had a chance to own a canon, but hope i have in the future :p

  2. Claudia

    The blessed trinity ladies of Canon 😛


    I think that Sony cameras suit people who love style 🙂 Hopefully you’d have a canon and be able to compare both images 😀

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  4. I think Sony cameras have lots of interesting features – they are usually the first to come up with some innovative things, such as that ‘smile’ feature you mentioned. But when it comes to picture quality, I’d pick Canon – yes, the Powershots are awesome!! 🙂 Furthermore, I’m their loyal camera owner after 2 Powershots and 2 EOSs, I’m used to their interface and switching over would take some learning curve for someone always in a hurry 😛

  5. hyperX

    I think that Sony is more known for their prosumer series rather than a DSLR. I haven’t really seen those for sale in the Sony Shoppe. *thinks hard*


    I like them all … hehehe! But in the end, I’d pick something that fits the function that I need as well as buget and I’m sure that this is something that someone would pick in the end 🙂

  6. Hello Miss Marina! Remember me? From Class 24 (2008) . hahas. i was searching in yahoo to see which camera was better and convinient, Sony Cybershot T700 & Canon Powershot E1 . If you had this 2 cameras to choose from, which one will you choose ? (:

  7. Michelle – I tried the Canon Powershot and I thought it was pretty good, but I dont really fancy the casing though. The Sony T700 is nice too, just a tad expensive.

    Gee, I couldnt choose 😛

    Vivi, thats the Sony T700 😛

  8. Hi, i like your photos, they’re very beautiful!
    Personally, i prefer canon cameras, and you?
    If you want you can see my photos and/or my blog on my website (sorry, but it is in italian =))

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