Come and join me in the Scooter Charity Ride!

If you have a scooter, do come and join us on the 13th of September, this Saturday for the Scooter Charity Ride convoy to the Malay Heritage Center.

Charity Ride 2007, Singapore

I’ll be there, as well as the Vesporeans and other various scooter organizations in Singapore. No scooter? Not a problem. You can be my pillion!

Convoying is heaps of fun! We’ll be convoying to Taman Warisan, and after that, we can explore the musuem as well as the stalls around it. Do join me! Really hope to see you there! 🙂

Rinaz on a vespa scooter!


10 Replies to “Come and join me in the Scooter Charity Ride!”

  1. Waahh…. now I suffer from scooter envy yet again… Must… resist…. Especially the Gilera…. Hope you enjoy the visit to Malay Heritage Centre and do share your experience with us!

  2. Walter

    Actually, I did go to the Malay Heritage Center last year. And I had quite a lot of fun there 🙂

    But I’ll try my best to share a blog post on this years one!


    Cute? Me? Hehehehehe

    Have you ever had the desire to learn how to ride a scooter though? 🙂 Its heaps of fun!


    What did you think of the event? Its a pity that we didnt get to meet each other, yeah?

    But I think that I saw you, with the gilera group 🙂

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