The unveiling of the HP Touchsmart

A couple of weeks back, I was invited by Waggener Edstrom along a group of other bloggers at Brozeit for the launch of the HP TouchSmart, one of the latest range of Multimedia PC by Hewlett Packard.

Claudia, Nadnut, Rinaz and Daintyflair

Already there were a number of bloggers who have reached there when I arrived. It was a relatively packed night at Brozeit, considering that it was only a Tuesday night.

I saw a number of units around the area being covered with a purple cloth and Claudia cleverly decides to immediately sit next to one of them.

Krisandro, Juzzywuzzy, Sheylara, Rinaz, Daintyflair and Daphne

After a quick introduction by the organizers, comes the unveiling of the HP Touchsmart. At first glance, I thought that the PC looked very sleek with its shiny black look. It looked really nice indeed.

Left side of the HP Touchsmart

This is the front of the HP TouchSmart with its large 22 inch screen with a front webcam. Definitely useful for people (like me) who likes to do videochats.

Left side of the HP Touchsmart

This is the left side. What is nice that there in an inbuilt tv tuner as well as a tv out. I could connect my cable tv and watch cable with this.

Right side of the HP Touchsmart

And on the right side, there is a DVD burner along a card reader. It’s great that I would not need so much external devices unlike my current settings with my current pc setup. More on the specs here

Winston, one of the product manager did a quick demonstration which was really made it look quite impressive. Using his fingers, he pressed on the monitor to navigate and flip through different applications. Actually, I thought that it was really cool! It was like seeing an early version of Minority Report.

Tom Cruise in Minority Report

Pretty soon, it was our turn to play with the unit and boy did we have so much fun! I saw Nadnut scribbling on a notepad using her fingernails, Hisham trying to play 3D chess and I was facinated with Daniel – who looked very professional using the touch screen.

Smoothly he manoeuvred the navigation and even played with the applets in the tablet and made poor Peter have clock eyes like these!

Daniel gives Peter clock eyes in HP TouchSmart

Here is a quick video :

Bloggers having fun at the HP Touch from rinaz on Vimeo.

What do you think of the TouchSmart? Pretty cool right?

You have a chance win one!

Post in the comment box with what you think “What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?” Comments with the most creative, innovative and interesting ideas has a higher chance of winning.

The contest ends at 0000hrs, 12th July so it gives you time to think for a really good comment! Apologies! Contest open for Singaporeans only *hugs*

Link :

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13 Replies to “The unveiling of the HP Touchsmart”

  1. Thanks for the plug Rinaz! 🙂

    We’re sure the winner will be happy with the TouchSmart PC as well as the blog owner. The TouchSmart PC will serve a good addition to your digital lifestyle and a conversation starter!

  2. OOooo finally an update!~

    What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?

    It’ll be awesome and a fantasy come true! Why do I say that? I’ve always fancied using the computer without my mouse and using my fingers only, just like HP’s adverts where someone moves stuff on the computer around using their hands/fingers! Further more, the HP TouchSmart is black and sleek! I’m a sucker for sleek and shiny stuff.

    Photoshop on the HP TouchSmart would be like painting on a huge blank piece of paper using my bare hands with sloppy paint, ‘cept that it’ll be much cleaner, more exciting and just imagine what I can draw! No more crooked lines in attempt to draw straight lines using the mouse 😛 Oooh I’m quivering with excitement as I imagine myself using the HP TouchSmart~~ I can finally touch and spread my fingerprints on the screen on purpose, hee hee.

    Okay besides drawing and photoshop, gaming would be different too, for me. Since one of my favourite games is Bejewelled & Checkers (MSN games are fun okay!), I can chuck my mouse one side for this game and use my awesome fingers to point and click, oops, I meant tap on the screen to play. Ah, bliss.

    Wow. Imagine all the kinds of fun I’ll have if I own the HP TouchSmart. I’ll promise to draw the cartoon version of you using my fingers. And also take a picture of myself and put those clocks on my eyes. It’s a new fashion statement! 🙂

    Computer aside, the HP TouchScreen as a tv would really blow my mind away and stick my bum on my chair. Computer + TV = me and my happy mum. My mum’s computer iliterate but with the HP TouchScreen, I think my mum will be excited to learn how to use the computer properly. It’ll be much easier to teach her (and interactive too), considering the fact that I can just point on the screen and tell her what the icons are for, etc. My mum gets really excited when she learns that we can do lots of fun and interesting things on a computer. Then after that, we can both watch tv & dvds on it. Mum & daughter bonding with the help of technology…! xD

    Heh I’ve given my best comment. -prays-

  3. Daryl Tay

    Yikes! Ok, I’ll change it now 🙂

    Jonathan Kong

    How come we never met that day at Brotzeit? Where were you? How come we were not introduced?


    Wahahaha! Great idea since we both read each others blog right?! HAHAHA!

    Ok! I’ll go think of a great answer!!!


    Oooh! Great answer Fudgey! And no, its not too long 🙂

    *hopes for all the best* 🙂

  4. Rinaz, myself and my marketing person were sitting beside Claudia and her bf. It was a first such event for us so I was kinda shy to introduce ourselves to you. hahaha!

    I hope to meet up with you and the rest of the bloggers soon again, we enjoyed greatly at the event. I think you enjoyed much too, I saw you practically touching the TpuchSmart all night. hahah

  5. So you were the quiet couple there by the window! I wanted to say hi, but you guys seemed very shy!

    Yes, I do hope to meet you, properly the next time 🙂 I’ll introduce you to the rest too!

    Ahem. About the TouchSmart? Thats probably the last time that I get to touch the computer without anyone chiding me, so I’ll that this opportunity to fondle it to my heart’s content … HAHAHAHA!

  6. Hahaha this is cool. I am a proud and lucky owner of the HP touchsmart, and it is so beautiful! Don’t be afraid to ask me any questions about it either!

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