An all women convoy at the Vespa Ladies Day Out!

On my trip to the Bike Asia a while back, I took a copy of the Freewheeling Magazine and while flipping through, I noticed a small article inviting all lady vespa riders for a day of fish spa.

Having already been to the fish farm about a month ago and thoroughly enjoying myself with the Vesporeans, I was definitely interested in attending this convoy. Plus, it is always nice to meet new people 🙂

Ladies at the Vespa Ladies Ride 2008

I reached the Piaggio Showroom pretty early and watched the people streaming in one by one. I saw familliar faces like Leonids and Moon_Star from the Vespa Club as well as many other new faces.

I’m actually a little surprised at how naturally easy it was for us to bond with each other even though many of us are meeting each other for the first time.

Azizah ET8 Vespa Ladies Ride

One of the first ladies that I met was Azizah, whom I admired the embelishments on her ET8 Scooter. It looked so royale!

Azizah's ET8 Embellishments

Azizah tells me that it was a handmade job where she bought the stickers at DIY shop and sticked the embellishments herself.

I also met Glynis, whom was one of the winners for the Coke contest. The flowery decoration on her blue LX scooter was quite recognizable.

Glynis on her LX

We headed in the showroom for the registration of the event and I looked around the area with all the Vespa related items.

Vespa Showroom, Singapore

After registration, we got a free goodie bag! It was pretty nice loot, considering that we only paid $10 for the fish spa admission alone.


I got some perfume vials, a Vespa notebook, a spa voucher and a Vespa T-shirt. I couldn’t wait to change into it 😀

Sera, Piaggio Singapore

The organizer of the event, Sera, later briefed to all of the participants on the itinerary following a short message on the procedures of the convoy.

Vespa Ladies Ride 2008

And soon  we were off! It was such a beautiful morning, blue skies and fluffy clouds made the journey lovely.

For some reason, we were also accompanied by the media crew of Asia One which made me feel as if we were part of a reality series. Not sure if you can see it in the picture, but the dude on the right is carrying a very large video camera.

Media Crew, Asia One

I couldn’t help but notice them whizzing along crazily on the road. Slowing down at one point and then speeding up.

In no time at all, we reached the Qian Hu fish farm!

Vespa Ladies at the Qian Hu Fish Farm

We did not explore much of the fish farm area due to time constraints. Instead, we proceeded immediately to the fish spa area and waited for our turn to use the facilities.

Rinaz at QIan Hu Fish Farm with Vespa Ladies

As it was a public holiday, the area was more crowded than usual, with families spending time together. I saw dads trying to catch little fishes in the pond, children looking at the turtle pond and even more people at the fish spa area.

Qian Hu Fish Farm

We dipped our feet in.

For some reason, the ticklish feeling was not as strong as the first time that I was here, even with the larger nibble fishes. Maybe I’m used to the sensation already?

Vespa Ladies at Bollywood Veggies

After the fish spa, we proceeded to convoy to the Bollywood Veggies Farm where we were welcomed by the owner, Mrs Ivy Singh-Lim. What a treat!

Ivy Lim-Singh with Vespa Ladies at Bollywood Veggies

She was larger than life with her crocodile dundee outfit, complete with a huge hunting knife. It was scary! She joked that she was the reason as to why Mas Selamat would not dare to hide in her farm.

We were treated to such a sumptuous lunch. I’m not sure whose treat it was, but it was very kind of them so thank you so much! There were so much food that my eyes boggled at the sight of everything

Vespa Ladies Ride to Bollywood VeggiesVespa Ladies Ride to Bollywood Veggies

I felt so stuffed at the end of it and we were still given desserts after that. It was a mix of various types of cakes. One of my noted favourites was the Banana Cake as well as the Jackfruit Cake. They were both so rich and flavourful. You could tell that it was homemade.

Lucinda shows off her banana cake

Lucinda immediately bought 3 loaves of Banana cake for herself!

After lunch, a couple of us proceeded to enter the farm area to take a look around. I’ve never been inside here before, so I was most excited to explore the place.

Bollywood Veggies Farm

There were plentiful of different types of plants and crops around. The area was divided into different plots of crop. There were many signs showing the names of the plants.

Eco Toilet at Bollywood Veggies

As we explored, we stumbled upon plentiful of props there that we had so much silliness and fun with!

rinaz, glynis, deanna and azizah
Rinaz, Glynis, Deanna and Azizah salutes Bollywood Veggies

Meichun and Azizah
Meichun and Azizah playing on the mini-tractor

In the end, we were just chilling around and enjoying the scenery.

Bollywood Veggies

I think that it was a most tranquil place. Even with the sun shining harshly at us, the surroundings still looked serene and peaceful.

Lilypad Pond at Bollywood Veggies
I bet this place would look gorgeous when the cooler season comes and the red lilies bloom.

It was such a spectacular day. I find myself bonding with the others as we spent the day together that we were sorry to leave each other at the end of the event.

Thank you so much organizers and thank you everyone! I’m definitely looking forward to our next convoy! 🙂

Vespa Ladies at Bollywood Veggies

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  1. I logged in yesterday noon and this morning too. Finally, blog about Vespa Ladies Day Out is UP!!!!! Lol

    Always enjoy reading your blog and I think I gonna miss you…… 🙁

  2. Mintea

    Indeed! Oh it was loads of fun! 😀


    And it was a joy to meet you, it was great that we all got along so easily and naturally like that … hehehehe 🙂


    Maybe you could organize a guys ride out? 🙂



    This is pretty fast blogging actually, I dont usually blog about an event the next day … usually I’d take up to a week 😛

    Aww … *hugs* we’ll have loads and loads of outings till then 🙂

  3. it was indeed a nice ladies day out, esp when its VESPA ladies day out. 😉
    Many thanks to Piaggio Singapore for the outing and sponsoring the lunch at Bollywood Veggies.

  4. CC

    Go to Bollywood Veggies and take it! 😛


    You live near Bollywood Veggies? Ulp … where do you live?

    I didnt notice any prawning area though, just longkang fishes are the ones for catching 🙂


    Indeed! 😀

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