Sop Tulang – So messy to eat, but oh so good!

Recently, my family and I went to the Ayer Rajah Food center for some local food delights. One of the food that we ordered was the Sop Tulang – cow bone marrow cooked in savoury sweet tomato sauce.

Sop Tulang in Ayer Rajah Food Center

It’s not the healthiest thing to eat, and you risk having your mouth stained in red sauce, but it’s oh so good to eat!


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  1. I absolutely love sup tulang but I have not had it in a while. I love the creamy texture of the marrow and the taste… so delicious! However, I don’t really like that it stains the hands after you have it.

  2. Kamera makan roti!! aaaargghh! monster camera. hahaha.

    i dont eat tulang cos i dont eat exotic things hahaha. sorry no cockroaches, nor ostrich meat nor rabbit meat n all that for me.

    i eat chicken, selected fish (no tuna n sardines), prawns, crabs, mutton, beef, pork. thats it.

    no shellfish like mussels or oysters or cockles for me.

    haha so i think i wil give this a pass. but nazry’s good at making videos!! hahaha this was hilarious for me to watch hehe.

  3. Mintea

    I dont like the stains either. On your hands, in your mouth … its a completely unglamorous food to eat, as compared to how yummy it is 🙂

    Daphne Maia

    Ah, I see what your meat preference is!

    My bro is a natural entertainer … so its effortless for him to act … moreover we are siblings, so its a natural conversation, yeah? 😛


    I subscribe to the eat all you want but exercise after that, theory 😀


    The best one I think, would be the one at the army store. Whats the name … whats the name … *snaps fingers*


    This is Ayer Rajah Food Center. Somewhere along the same road as Ginza Plaza 🙂


    Better family than with friends cos eating tulang is so unglamorous with all the rain stains all over you .. hahaha 😀

  4. Keropokman

    Sup Kambing is even more cholesterol … hahahaha! Once in a while is fine though, I think 🙂

    Ayer Rajah food center seems popular! It was full of people at 8pm while we were there! I also like the one at the Army marketplace a lot, the food there rocks!


    Dont worry! In time you can eat too! 😀


    Yeah, twas me 🙂

    I wanted one that is simple but not too plain. The picture at the back there is of course, Cart and Rinaz toon as well as the Nimmo and friends cartoon series that hasn’t quite lifted yet 🙂

  5. We loved watching the antics of your friend Rina…too funny to watch…and for the record my husband loves tulang,give him the 10 buck plate and he an finish it anytime….now we are really craving for it bad after watching your vid!

  6. Very the bagus and istimewa!! However, I always find that the difficult part is getting the gristle from the bone out of my teeth thereafter. Very high cholesterolific too!!

  7. Miza

    Ahahaha! Stoned look! It runs in the family

    And yes, he did rebonded his hair, no more beautiful maggi hair 🙁


    My friend? Thats my brother 🙂

    He was narrating the story of the documentary that he watched about a guy who travelled all around the world to eat exotic food. He was able to eat all sorts of things like roaches and worms. So it was ironic that he found bone marrow disgusting!

    Craving? Awww … If only I could magically make a plate of tulang appear for you … :S


    Maybe you could use the straw technique … hehehehehe

    And yes, its very cholesterolific! Cant eat this everyday or risk a heart attack!!!

  8. Rina..oppsy daisy.thought it was a friend….so it was the bro.Looks like we got to wait till we return,will keep looking out for your yummy food post,i’ve always enjoyed reading it..thanks for the thought by the way 🙂

  9. Frauneimeyer

    I’m sure you’ll have your Tulang soon and all the other yummeh Singaporean foods! 😀


    But its very very sinful too! Not an everyday thing to eat 🙂

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