Sojourn 2008 – a night of beautiful music

Last Saturday, I joined Nicole and Miccheng to the Victoria Concert Hall to listen to the NTU Symphonic Band presenting their yearly concert.

miccheng, nicole and rinaz at the Victoria Concert Hall for Sojourn 2008

Admittedly, I’m not that used to listening to these types of music. Nevertheless I found myself enjoying the evening. Below is a quick clip of two of the segments that I enjoyed tremendously.

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5 Replies to “Sojourn 2008 – a night of beautiful music”

  1. the first piece is very touching. i would love to listen to the whole piece but thanks for recording and sharing. did the band play any classical music?

  2. Hi 6,

    The band played a mixture of pieces. None of the songs I’m familiar with though. Maybe you could see the ones you recognize?

    Fanfare, March & Celebration – John Cacavas

    Blue Horizons – Franco Cesarini

    The Woman in White – Andrew Lloyd Webber

    In a monastery Garden – Albert W. Ketelbey

    Three Spectacles for Navy Blue – Eiji Suzuki

    Pomp and circumstance Nr. 1 – Edward Elgar

    Othello – Alfred Reed

    Man with the golden arm – S. Fine & E.Bernstein

    I need to be in love – Kazuhiru Morita

    Silver Screen – Paul Hart

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