Delicious Buffet Lunch @ Siam Kitchen

Yesterday, I had lunch with my colleagues at Siam Kitchen at Jurong Point. At the end of the lunch, my appetite was so contented that for the next few hours, I felt blissfully happy.

Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

Being a Jurong girl all my life, Jurong Point was certainly one of my stomping grounds. Which made me quite surprised at why I’ve never visited Siam Kitchen prior to this. I’ve always assumed that the food here would be rather expensive.

Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

But upon close examination, it did not seem to be that expensive after all. With the service charge and GST, I don’t think it would cost a person more than $22 per person for their lunch buffet.

I think that it was value for money considering all the spread of sumptuous food that we had :

Prawn Cracker - Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

Thai Spicy Mango Salad - Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

Baby Kailan with garlic and mushroom - Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

Thai Spicy Squid Salad - Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

Pineapple Fried Rice - Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

Minced chicken with chilli and basil - Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

Fish fillet with yellow curry - Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

Kangkong with chilli and shrimp paste - Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

Beef massaman in dry curry - Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

Sweet and sour prawn - Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

Lemongrass chicken wing - Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

Prawn ball with spicy mayonaise - Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

Green curry chicken - Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

Tom Yum prawn soup - Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

Crispy Tofu with oyster sauce - Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

Fried Thai fish cake - Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

Chicken Satay - Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

That is a lot of food!

Nevertheless, I enjoyed savoring the different platters. Being Thai food, the dishes were very spicy. The mango salad for example, it looked deceptively mild that I was surprised at how hot it was when I took a bite out of it!

Some of the food did not interest me, regardless, out of the list there were two of the food which I enjoyed completely. One of them, the Green curry chicken as it tasted delightfully rich and spicy. It was much different than the curries that I was used to. I also enjoyed the pineapple fried rice. The combination of savoriness and the sweetness of the raisins made it just lovely.

Theoretically, we were able to order more food from the list as it is a buffet. But we were all quite stuffed after the first round already!

Here is a quick video of a very contented rinaz :

 Siam Kitchen - Jurong Point

Ah … wonderful food. Aroi mak!

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  1. Hope your fall ain’t too bad

    Leave the bike & maybe take public transport kalau hujan?

    My vespa frens one or another had accidents mostly on wet conditions. Scary

  2. 30-40kph is NOT a safe speed in a wet carpark especially when turning! the trick is in engine braking. going that fast you will be tempted to use your rear brake which is risky when the floor is wet. anyway, your bruise looks very nasty. i wish you a speedy recovery.

  3. Sha

    Thankfully the fall wasn’t that bad. Its one of the days when I feel lucky that I had extra cushion πŸ˜›

    Its just that main roads are fine as it has more than enough friction even during the rain, but carpark flooring isn’t because it is smooth even without rain.


    Hahaha, a lot of ethnic food is not true to the real thing. I’ve had Thai food in Thailand and I got to say that the taste is very intense. But I still like the food that I had in Siam Kitchen, especially the rice and the green curry πŸ™‚


    30km is quite slow. Thats the slowest that my scooter can accelerate without me toppling off due to gravitational forces of inertia.

    Thank goodness that I am not hurt badly.

    Regardless I think that the design of a carpark is insufficient for handling wet situations like the ones that we are facing these days. I am sure that I wont be the only motorcylist to face this situation these days.

  4. Eh? My friends and I stay away from Siam Kitchen, cos we find the food really abysmal. πŸ˜› The buffet menu is slightly more palatable, but the ala carte menu is disgusting. Once I couldn’t continue my meal cos the dish was extremely salty. Have you tried Magic Wok by the way? I feel the food there is better. πŸ™‚

  5. I heard it’s been raining loads there and the roads will be a tad too slippery for riders like you especially do be careful Rina!

    I love Siam Kitchen too,used to go to the one in Causeway Point and yes their green curry rocks!I’m salivating at your pics and its only 9 30am in the morning here…such cruelty!

  6. Musxart

    Hehehe … its a lot of food, I’m sure you guys were quite satisfied by it πŸ™‚


    Yes, luckily, we were in a large group, what we could not finish were passed around by the group who can eat more πŸ˜› Hehehehe


    It really needs a rougher surface. I’m sure I am not the only person who has an accident on a wet carpark.


    I think I’ve tried the magic wok along Capitol building in City hall. My cousin recommended it. Its not bad and affordable. I like the fried oat prawns … hehehehe. Hmmm! (appetite is whetted)


    Maybe I’ll just cheat and see if giant has an instant packet ones … hehehehe!!


    Sigh … ok


    Yes its been raining heaps! And its a motorcyclist’s nightmare!

    And aww … If only it was possible to extend the hand inside the screen and take out the food!

  7. Hello! I’ve been reading your blog but never really left a comment.. which I’m gonna do now, haha πŸ˜›

    I see you didn’t have the satay in the buffet? The other time I ate the buffet there, there was this really really huge satay which is really good! Too bad you missed that out. The satay is almost thrice the size of normal satays and much more meatier.. :D~~

  8. Hi Fudgey,

    What took you so long to comment! Hehehehe πŸ™‚

    Yes, we had the big satay too, but I think I forgotten to take a picture of it?

    *looks at thumbdrive*

    Oh wait, I DO have the satay picture!

    *photoshops it and puts it up*

    There πŸ˜€

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