Bloggers first impressions of the LG-KS20

Last week, I was invited to the launch of the new LG KS20 thanks to Sabrina as well as the PR Company, Fleishman-Hillard.

After the successful bloggers meet with Phillips in December, I was definitely interested in attending this event to have first hand experience of LG’s new smart phone. Personally, I think that it is great that companies are opening up to bloggers as this allows regular people to have a feel of a product in real life situation.

I arrived at Corduroy Cafe, relatively early. One of the first person that I recognized from the crowd was the beautiful Sheylara, whom I’ve respect for, for her artistic talents. We chatted over dinner and one by one, fellow bloggers streamed in – Claudia, slightly flustered due to the after-office rush hour madness aggravated by the drizzle, DK, who was celebrating his first day of freedom, and finally the ever charming Farinelli.

At long last, the event started. The emcee did a quick warm up and then a stoutly man started an introduction on the features of the KS20. It was a little hard for me to hear over the din. I did not remember him introducing himself and I kept wondering who he was and he ended his presentation rather abruptly, perhaps to let us have more time to try the phone out.

The emcee then introduced a bevy of LG models, one of them I recognized as Peggy Heng – another fellow blogger! That’s her in the middle. What a surprising encounter.

The LG models then went around the different tables and started to demonstrate and after which, let us have a hands on try out on the phone.

This was Nicole, one of the LG models on her demo rounds. For me, I think that she stood out from the pack with her friendly demeanor and her personality. Smilingly and without losing a nerve, she answered our questions.

I watched the phone being passed around and being played with, excitedly. Everyone seemed to hog the phone that without anything else to do, I started to video each person’s reaction. All of a sudden I had the phone in my hands and I started to fiddle with it.

At first glance, it was a very beautiful phone and I loved how sleek it was. The functions looked clear cut, with large buttons that one can touch to get to the various functions.

But most importantly (to me that is) it can connect to wifi. Already I was envisioning how convenient it would be connecting to wireless@SG.

Regardless, it was unanimous that we all found that it was a very attractive phone, personally for me however, as I only had first hand encounter with the phone for less than 15 minutes, it is very hard for me to give a proper review.

Here is a short video of our first impressions of the KS20 :

And that was when I finally noticed the other bloggers. One the sofa, I saw Jayden, Nadnut, Iz,Ice Angel and Princessa conglomerating together. I went over to have a quick chat with them. Jayden, whom I’ve met previously from the Phillips event went about his friendly, affable self while Ice Angel seemed a little shy. Princessa was very friendly though she was busy at the same time, flying here and there.

This was the first time for me, meeting Iz – a fellow competitor in the 2007 Weblog Awards. Cheekily, I asked him, “So how does it feel to get your ass kicked by me?” Momentarily he was flustered, but after a chat with him made me see that he was a cool and a passionate person. And Nadnut! If I thought she was adorable in her blog, she was even more adorable in real life! I could just squeeze her and eat her up!

At back of the room, was the lovely Estee, nearly hidden away by the small crowd around her. It was she who noticed and called me out first! Quickly she interrogated me about my upcoming wedding, about Cartcart, as well as Secondlife, where we first get to know each other. It was such a lively discussion that Farinelli and DK came over and we proceeded to debate about the metaverses.

Being a blogger, naturally I took out the camera to have a snapshot. Quickly I reviewed the pictures. I was in disappointment as I realised that I was surrounded by younger and more attractive people and I felt so inadequate.

I could probably Photoshop myself to perfection but covering my face with a paper bag is much faster.

Me and the youthful bunch of Nadnut, Jayden, Sheylara and Ice Angel

Me with the very beautiful Estee

Me and the handsome geek Nicholas Aaron Khoo

Me with IZ, DK and Sabrina who is looking super hot here.

I felt fat and unattractive and I felt wierded out.

But that was when dear Farinelli sent me a picture he took of me and instantly I cheered up.

It was one of those moments when I was relaxed and at ease and had a natural smile. I like this picture so much that instantly I changed my avatar on msn, facebook and vimeo.

Recently, I saw this ad in the digital life newspaper :

I think they should consider running with this one :

Sidenote : First she awarded me the Slackiest Latecomer award and now she awards me the Most Insane Award. Sheylara must really love me. 😛

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22 Replies to “Bloggers first impressions of the LG-KS20”

  1. Yes, I lub you bery much!! >mwaaaaakzzzz< =) Btw your paperbag is damn cute lah! Make me LOL in the middle of the night! LOLOLOL. But that pic of you by Farinelli is really really very beautiful!

  2. I bought this very phone way before the official launch!
    Got it at the IT Show where ‘the green telco’ had the special launch price.

    Am very happy with it.
    Installing all sorts of nonsense program in it. LOL.

  3. Nice meeting you for the first time Rinaz 🙂 Handsome geek? ahem!! LOL I look so nerd in the video or… anyways we’ll do dinner/supper next time k?

  4. Sheylara

    Aww … hehehehehe! *hugs you!*


    Cool! How is your experience with it so far? And where do you download stuff for it?

    I had to figure out for a long about ‘Green Telco’, I thought that there was an actual company, literally called, ‘Green Telco’! Hahaha!


    *hunts for Nadnut with a bottle of ketchup!* Hehehehe!


    There were a number of people whom I did not expect to be there but it was really nice to meet you 🙂

    And no, you don’t look nerdly!


    Whats going to happen if I’m not getting married? 😛

  5. Jayden

    I dont think you need a paperbag! You will still look young and youthful and goodlooking! 🙂

    And yes, God willing, me and Cart will be married at the end of this year 🙂


    Oh! I didn’t know that! (Now I know) LOL!

    Daphne Maia

    Yaay! I loves you! And I loves ayam penyet!

    Gavin Foo

    Thanks for having us 🙂

    We’re looking forward to more events too! 🙂

    Nic and Precious

    I is one man woman and is happily attached to a very lovely man 🙂

    You’ve nothing to worry there 😛 Hehehehe!

  6. Hi Rinaz,

    You are what you think, you are what you feel, but there is no need to feel fat and unattractive and felt wierded out, coz you have so much good qualities in you, and to me they are the real beauty, and you are beautiful in your own right.

    Keep up the good spirit…!
    From England with Love,

  7. Oh my Matahari that was so sweet!

    Anyway, my photo just proves that the best photos are unintentional.

    Most of them.

    Okay, some of them. A good portion, in any case.

  8. Matahari

    You’ve always been so sweet to me. *hugs* Thank you for being such a lovely, lovely person 🙂

    Leong Him Wah

    I think you would have enjoyed yourself, with the food, the models, the toys and of course, the company 🙂


    Cute? Erm … no lah … *hugs*


    If one is a good photographer, one is a good photographer. And you took good photos. And that is that 🙂

  9. ooo… the phone looks nice and sleek…

    And why u wearing that brown paper bag over ur head? lol… looks like those criminals u see in HK… ‘cept w/o the

  10. Precious



    Woot … RM300 is pretty nice … I’ll keep that in mind if I stay in KL 🙂 Thanks for the link!


    Its because I don’t look as gorgeous as I’d liked 😛 Hehehehe

  11. maaf, took so long to reply. 🙂

    I had the SPB Shell 2.0 which makes the phone more thumb or finger friendly.
    also had WMWifiRouter which turns my phone into a wireless router.

    but both have to pay. but i think its worth paying lah…

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