Behind the scenes of the Tech65’s 50th episode

Congratulations to Tech65 on their 50th podcast! And here’s to many more to come πŸ™‚

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Tech65 is a weekly based podcast which focuses on technology in a Singaporean point of view.

I knew about tech65 when NTT, introduced the podcast to me and asked me to have a listen. And at the first listen, I was impressed by how effortlessly natural they were bantering with each other. Even though I am not up to their level of technophilia, these guys are easy to listen to.

One of my favourite episodes was when the tech65 crew were live blogging at the launch of the new Creative Zen and they managed to aquire a unit to review.

When the tech65 invited listeners to a live recording in liew of of their 50th episode, I couldn’t help but to join in. I’ve always wanted to see the behind the scenes.

There, I met the hosts, Daniel, Jerrick, NTT, Farinelli and Kai Yi, as well as a couple of pingsters like Nicole, Mic, Brennan, Ridz, DK, Bernard and a couple of new faces like Christine and Hei Man.

I saw a camera being set up for the live video stream, NTT’s awesome H4 audio recorder and everyone else ready with their laptops maximizing the internet connection at Geek Terminal as they started their podcast.

Despite interruptions such as construction works all around the cafe, it was interesting to sit in and watch the recording live.

Here’s a behind the scenes clip :

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Congratulations again to 65bits! You’ve come a long way! πŸ™‚

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