The things I do for love

Ah, the things I do for love

Other stickrinaz adventures

Sidenote : Does anyone know how to do smart archives and images in title?

10 Replies to “The things I do for love”

  1. So cute, haha! But poor thing. The monsoon weather’s pretty crummy for the motorcyclists huh? But then again, it’s pretty crummy for pretty much everything. I haven’t been able to get my running fix this whole week.

  2. Walter

    Maybe its time for the little red scooter to come out 😉


    Stickrinaz always comes out when stuff like these happen 😛 Hehehehe


    Huh? Can I really do that? Reserve for a chicken chop? Wah … I’ll go ask her the next time I go 😀


    It could be, need time to digest that information though.

    It looks like I’d have to change some codes, which doesnt seem to be from the default wordpress theme file. Thanks for the link 🙂


    Me neither. What a rain! We cant do anything outdoorsy the entire week. Bah!


    What to do. This is our blessings from the sky 😛

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