Affordable and yummy western food in NIE

Doesn’t my chicken chop and spaghetti look yummy? I love it and want to go there again!

Chicken Chop and Spaghetti at NIE Canteen

About 6 months ago, after reading the chicken chop and spaghetti post by Sha, I was really tempted and raring to visit the canteen at NIE. But the first time I tried to go there I mistook NIE for NTU and I rode all around the campus wondering where the place was. In the end, I gave up.

I had a craving for western food again lately and I remembered about Sha’s recommendation. So, I went there again recently this week. Once I knew the bearings, it wasn’t that difficult to go there. Exit from the PIE expressway to Jalan Bahar, enter NTU and at the welcome sign, turn right to Nanyang Crescent and head all the way to carpark 4.

Cool piratey live firing sign at NIE

All around your journey, you’ll be accompanied by this cool pirate like sign.

Trees at NIE

What I like about the surrounding area was the amount of greenery here. When I parked my scooter, I could see so much trees as far as the eyes can see. It was so serene.

Western Food at NIE

When I entered the canteen, it was quite full with the lunch crowd. I spotted the western food stall already crowded with a number of people queuing up. Having already decided what I wanted to eat, I queued up for my food, made my order and got my food shortly after.

Western Food at NIE

I love my Chicken Chop! The gravy was delightfully savoury and the chicken meat itself is freshly cooked and was so juicy. The mashed potato was so smooth and was such a delight to eat. The spaghetti wasn’t the best that I had, but it was still pretty good. There was a generous amount of basil and a good amount of meat on my pasta. Best thing of all is that it costs only $3.80!

Western Food at NIE

Actually this was my second visit in a span of one week. Earlier this week, I had the grilled fish and butter rice ($3.50). It was pretty good, with the fish being hot and crispy when I had it. The meat was nice, flaky and quite delicious. I didn’t really fancy the rice but it was not bad 🙂

I’m still thinking about my meal there and want to eat there again. If you’re anywhere in the west, join me there the next time? 🙂

NIE Western Food Stall

  • 1 Nanyang Walk, Singapore 637616

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Update : Western Food Stall will be under maintenance till the 2nd January 2008. Sigh.

21 Replies to “Affordable and yummy western food in NIE”

  1. oooh, is the chicken rice at that stall any good? i wanted to get the chicken cutlet rice, but couldn’t bear to give up eating the western food, hehehe. arggh marina, you got me craving for the western food at NIE again! noooooooooo….

  2. Try the NUS science canteen too. There’s this small corner totally dedicated to western food, below the original canteen. It’s air-con, halal and equally cheap. And the food’s really great too.

  3. Daphne

    Awesome! Cant wait for it 😀 I want Naan!

    Putera Emas

    The one I had was really good! Several hours later, I’m still thinking about it right now -_-”


    I didnt know it was your school? Haha, awesome 🙂


    I saw it, maybe I’ll try it when my cravings for western food subsides 😉 Hehehe. Thank you for the recommendation!


    Its not you alone, I’m craving for the western food again …. Nooooo!!!


    Hehehe … wow, yay! I wanna go 😀 (I’m totally trespassing virtually every institutions these days)


    Hehehe, but NIE and NTU are so close by together 🙂

    There’s Yong Taufu too? Ooh awesome … I like the dry Yong taufu with those interesting red sauces by the side.


    OIT! Ingat saya ni anak menteri ke?! -_-“

  4. ooo.. nice.. bila nak kasi $1000? haha and also bila nak belanja.. =(.. i’m waiting.. if can treat me dekat termahal Restaurant haha.. =P

  5. HAHHAHAHAA…. lame… anyway how the school arh… anyway how many day we will come back and collect the result seh.. conform i will cried badly.. haiz..

  6. Mus

    There is a reason why the word DIE is in DIET 😛


    Aww … I dont think that would happen


    Its so good that I want to go there again!


    That would be awesome 🙂 Its only opened monday – fridays though and I think that if you go later than 12.30, all the good stuff would be sold out. I know that because I tried to order them again on friday at about 12.30ish and it was all gone!

    Need to go early

  7. Mandom

    Just to warn you, you have to go early, like 12.30 and earlier because if you are just 30 mins late, all the food would be sold out. Thats how good they are … *faints*


    Me too! Argh!

  8. Wow!The portion is quite amazingly big with that kind of great price.Can outsiders(mean non-student) eat there?
    May I know what’s the nearest MRT Station?
    There’s even Yong Taofu there?! Is it halal?
    There’s western food in my school my sadly to say that I can only get to watch my friends eat it as it doesn’t have any halal cert,it only state outside it food stall “No Pork,No Lard” as what other chinese western food owner always do when they don’t want to apply for the halal cert.
    It’s very wrong.Even no pork nor lard you still have to apply for the cert to show that you really am sincere to get the muslim customers to dine at your stall.
    Am just saying it as I can see the trend that quite a lot of the malay youngsters nowadays don’t care abt halal certify or not they just go&eat it.Maybe they are too desperate to eat the food.Can’t wait for halal stall to open.
    Don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings though. Peace no war 😉

  9. Hi Maya!

    To answer your questions, yes, outsiders could go there. While I was there, there were no need to show a student pass but I guess putri felt a little self conscious there with her kids 🙂

    I think the nearest mrt would be Boon Lay Interchange, and then you could take the bus 175 if I am not wrong.

    Anyways, the prices there are a little bit more expensive compared to in 2007 but its by a few cents, so its still affordable!

    And yes, I asked the owner about the halal certification, and yes, and they do have a halal cert there, and its seen on the stall, so be assured 🙂

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