What happens to your blog when you die?

Recently, I saw the blog of one of the editor of tomorrow.sg taken down because she didn’t pay her hosting bills.

By the moonlight by rinaz.net

Thing is, she passed away for about two years already. Does that mean that all her online memories are gone?

In the middle of this year, I did a meme on what my last post might look like. But what happens next?

At this time of writing there are still many sites that hosts the pages of people whom has passed away – for example friendster and myspace. It can be heart wrenching to the messages that they posted while they are still alive.

While we are still around, there are some of the things that we could do. Darren Rowse advices on creating a blog will. Afterlife.org, a non profit organization will help to archive your webpage.

For me, I guess I’ll write a blog will, to include passwords and instructions like how to do backup and think of whether to keep the domain or have it transported to a free host.

If you are a blogger yourself, what would you do? If you are a blog reader, would you care for the blog to be preserved? What do you think?

3 Replies to “What happens to your blog when you die?”

  1. Gawds that’s depressing… 🙁

    Ok when I’m on my deathbed I’ll demand a laptop or something and I’ll login to all my blogs/friendsters/facebooks etc and sign off….

  2. Reading your entry reminded me of my schoolmate who passed away suddenly in her sleep last year. She had a blog which was hosted free on LJ which is still there and a Friendster account. She was just a few weeks away from her 18th birthday.

    Friendster sort of automatically updates your age for your account. So what happened was even though she’d passed away, her age was still updated. Looking at it kind of made me sad.

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