The many faces of rinaz

Oh gosh, take a look what cartcart sent me! Its a snapshot of the pics he took of me while webcamming! *secretly happy* And because I’m completely narcisistic, I’m putting it up as an entry šŸ˜€

Click the image for a bigger version

Ahem. Dont I have an expressive face? šŸ˜€

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7 Replies to “The many faces of rinaz”

  1. Hisyam

    Its so easy to make this picture, just open up your photoshop and create a new image and put the pictures side by side šŸ™‚

    Nana Jr

    Because every picture has its own story and expression šŸ˜› But ALL of them are silly šŸ˜›

  2. The square one is an updated effect from logitech, they even add in additional masks (which I find quite scary, so I dont use them) as well as other video effects like ghosts and old footage.

    Its really cool. I love my webcam šŸ˜€

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