Mysterious leak coming out of my Vespa GT200

I was scooterless for the weekend.

For the past few weeks, there has been a trace of brown liquid and drops of coolant on the floor each morning when I take the scooter out of the carpark. And though it wasn’t leaking much, I was still rather concerned. I didnt want to risk having my scooter explode on me.

I sent my scooter to Tong Aik on saturday morning and I met the mechanic, Mr Wee, who handled my scooter the last check up. He promptly took my baby under his wing.

Tong Aik

While waiting for Mr Wee to complete the check, I met Yaoming, a fellow vesporean. He was there to collect his scooter that day and he recognized me from the Vivo Vespa event.

Yaoming told me that he was on his way to go the ‘Big Bike Fest’ and will be meeting the rest of the vesporeans later. Initially I contemplated on going to that event, but having already been there last year, I wasn’t too appealed by its male-oriented activities.

Big Bike Fest 2007 by Pauche

There was a bike stunt performance that seemed interesting to me. But that wasn’t enough for me to feel compelled to go.

At length, Mr Wee told me that he could not trace any obvious flaws and needed time to inspect my scooter more thoroughly so I headed for home and took the bus.

After the convenience of my scooter, it feels so different taking public transportation again – sitting passively on the seat, blocking out the sound from the mobile-tv, staring at the scenery, and then finally lulled off to sleep and waking up blearily just in time at my stop.

Come Monday morning, I walked to the bus stop to head to work. It was the same scene of over a year ago. The same listless people waiting for their buses. Some familiar faces. The annoying auntie pushing her way to the front to enter the bus.

I received a call by Mr Wee later at work telling me that my scooter would be ready for collection in the afternoon. Luckily, my brother has already finished his shift and was willing to give me a lift to Tong Aik.

Unfortunately for me, I was wearing a pair of skirt on the day. Though I was confident in wearing a skirt on my scooter, little did I know that I would re-enact the infamous scene as Marilyn Monroe in the seven year itch, being a pillion to my brother, all the way to the workshop.

Why is she smiling about?

After collecting my scooter back from the workshop, we were on our way back home. My brother noticed that there was a guy on a class 2A bike whom almost fell off his bike when he saw me. Has he never seen a girl wearing a skirt and wedge shoes on a scooter before?

picture of a crazy woman

But anyway, when I got to the car-park these this morning, I am greeted by this :

leak on my scooter

Again! Just what is wrong with it?

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  1. Xinyun

    Looks interesting aye? I thought about going to the big bike fest just to see that, but I changed my mind in the end 😛

    The brown liquid isnt petrol because petrol isnt that colour. Besides, it tends to evaporate after a while.



    Oh no! I was after work and I look tired, makeup less, and in my glasses 😛

    I’m pretty sure the guy has never seen a lady rider wearing a skirt before … hehehehehe!

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