How to make Ramly Burger

I was out with a couple of my blogger friends in clementi on thursday night. There was a pasar malam in that area and at the same time, I thought that it would be nice to show my friend Attilio what a night market here was like.

In larger pasar malam, there could even have rides such as a viking ride and feris wheel.

I like pasar malam because of the atmosphere and how festive it felt with the bustling of crowds. You could buy almost anything here – cds, clothes, even household appliances. But personally for me, the highlight of a pasar malam would be the delightfully sinful food that is sold there.

One of these food is the ramly burger. One of these burgers would probably choke your arteries with the amount of condiments that is added in, but I think that its something that one should try at least once.

Here is a clip on how a ramly burger is being made :

The burger wasn’t the best though as the best ones would definitely be the original in Malaysia.


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  1. Moby

    But you have to agree that it is extremely unhealthy 😛 Too many times will be detrimental!


    Clementi has changed alot didnt it? I dont even see the fountains anymore. Even the clock tower and the newspaper box is gone! Not forgetting A&W which is long gone there …

    In my opinion, one of the best pasar malam in the west side would be the one at Jurong East mrt or Boon Lay mrt. Those are pretty huge!


    I like pasar malam too! 😀 But what is an attendant perks?

    Actually, there’s a forum which tracks Pasar Malam whereabouts right here done by civic minded residents like us 😉


    I am not the type of person who forces other people for my own personal pleasure! (well most of the times) 😛

  2. Waah BEST nyer!! so thats a ramly burger. I have always heard of it but never saw or tried one..looks yummy!! Definately alot of sinful food at pasar malam…i just love the pisang goreng and cempedak…mmmm…its a good thing that I only get to visit a pasar malam once in a blue moon!

  3. You sure know how to make a man hungry, Rinaz, lol!

    I have loved Ramly burgers since like forever, but nowadays I can’t find many that are really that good. The best ones are either in M’sia or at Geylang Serai just before Hari Raya.

  4. good video! =)

    but do u think it’s really Ramly Burger brand meat they are serving at pasar malams here? the actual msian brand is banned in Spore, so when we asked some local stall proprietors, they admit they were not using authentic Ramly burger meat here. darn!

    sorry im being so finicky about this. lol. aidil and i lived in KL for a bit and we had the real deal almost every other day from those roadside stalls and pasar malams there…ohh heaven! the taste is unbeatable. plus, apart from beef, they have deer meat, rabbit, ostrich…delish!

  5. Shaz

    I’ve no idea if they are using the true meat from malaysia – I didnt know that they were banned. As far as I know of, one could buy them from certain supermarkets – although I havent really seen them in the more common ones.

    Hmmm …

    In regards to deer and ostrich meat, how does it taste like? I’ve tried rabbit burger before and I truely cannot tell the different between that and chicken 😛


    It would be detrimental to the health to eat them too many times! Hehehe!


    I think the best ones would definitely be in Malaysia since its where it originated 🙂

    But the fasting month will be here soon, and there will definitely be a flourish of Ramly burger stalls in Geylang Serai 🙂


    Not forgetting the ultimate sinful burger! Burger Special! Twice the meat in one burger! Twice the goodness! Twice the sinful delight! 😛

  6. Hani

    Wow, thats an awesome link! I could make a beeline to that stall … Yishun is so far away but maybe if the craving is strong enough … Hehehehe


    The true genuine ramly burger is heavenly 😀 Since hari raya will be coming soon, I think it will be easier to get them in geylang 🙂

  7. It dont think its exactly the same as when I tried it, the taste doesnt matches. I think the best ones would be the original ones in Malaysia 🙂

    Hani’s link is very very tempting … sigh 😀

  8. Thanks Rinaz!
    Will add it to my blog.
    Attendant perks like ramly burgers, rides and dizzying lights…;-)
    Lovely photos for the darul ihsan outing!

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