Fixing a broken engine

Two weeks ago, I noticed a leak coming out of my scooter and I consulted the mechanic. After what he believed it to be caused by the metal washer, he repaired it and I got it back.

Leak on my Vespa GT200 Scooter

I still had the same problems the next day, but I had to bear with it as I needed the scooter to get to work and night class.

On monday, the leak was even more than what I anticipated. Engine oil was spilling out on the floor! I was so alamed that I sent it for repairs immediately.

Leak on my Vespa GT200 Scooter

After work, I went down to the workshop and the mechanic and I finally saw what was causing the problem. It was the engine chassis. It had a split!

Me : What could have caused the problem?

Mr Wee : I have a scooter of the same model as yours too. It could be caused by too much pressure – If you had a passenger and they shook your scooter, that could have caused cracks in the engine.

Me : This is very bad.

Mr Wee : There are two options. Option one is to replace the entire engine which costs about $700. But I’ll recommend you to take option two – I’ll use a sealant and cement the split together. This will be cheaper.

Me : Ok, lets go with option two and we’ll cross our fingers.

I got the scooter back yesterday and so far so good. No leaks after parking it overnight and after a ride to work today, its still dry. There looks like a patch there but its actually a stain from the leak and its actually dry.

Sealant over engine on my Vespa GT200 Scooter

Still, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Sidenote : There will be a TAA (Tabung Amal Aidilfitri) Charity Ride this Sunday. There will be a convoy ride of approximately 1000 bikes and scooters to an end venue, where the presentation of donated funds will be held.

If you have a two wheeler, come and join us! Riding in a convoy is fun! 🙂

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  1. Mari Hamada and Indecent Obsession! Gosh, I never thought about the song when I typed in the title, but now that you mentioned it … hehehehe!

    Uhm … A bicycle? *faints*

  2. I only know Mari Hamada from that one song 😛 Hehehehe

    My ride solution should be permanent, its like a cement and should last a very very long time. But still, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and we’re both not 100% confident that it will work. I’ll just observe any changes for now.

    And its not duct tape! Its a sealant! 😛

    (Hey, duct tape solution sounds good too … hmmm!)

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