Come visit a virtual jewellery exposition in Secondlife

Remember my friend Princessia Petunia? Prin is a jewellery maker in Secondlife. Some time ago, I spent time with Prin as she showed me how she created her beautiful jewellery.

Crafting these are really painstaking as jewellery are miniature and can be rather tough to handle – the texture, the resizing, the rotating. As much as I love jewellery, it is too much trouble for me to create them myself. I admire her dexterity πŸ™‚

Recently Prin joined the Jewellery Exposition and made her debut as an artisian merchant. I accompanied her decorate her booth, and though she seemed stressed out, she was pleased with how it turned out.

Prin is selling beautiful pieces like these :

Sparkling dainty ring by Princessia Petunia

Sparkling dainty bracelet by Princessia Petunia

Gorgeous aren’t they?

I keep telling prin that she’s selling them for much too cheaply. 6 jewelled bracelets for 115L? Thats too cheap! She even coded them so that it sparkles.

You are undervalueing yourself, prin -_-”

Rinaz Bijoux wearing a Princessia Petunia jewellery

Here I am at her booth wearing her delightfully beautiful emerald earring and necklace. Doesnt SL Rinaz look good? πŸ˜€

Do take a peek at Prin’s and other jewellery artists’s masterpieces – some of the display there are truly works of art πŸ™‚

Jewellery Exposition 2007 in Secondlife
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