I have a crush on sci fi men

I havent been watching Joost for a while. After finding out that my old version wouldnt load, I downloaded and reinstalled the new version. To my pleasant surprise, there were a number of new channels which are added. Just for Laughs channels being one of them and even the violent Happy Tree Friends.

Eventually, I surfed over to the Alliance Atlantis sci-fi channel where I rediscovered old sci-fi’s which I watched during my teenhood. One of them was the awesome Lexx.

Lexx would accompany me as I did my late night studies during my pre-uni days. It was a dreamlike, trippy experience while watching them. What I liked about this show was that it never took itself seriously. Sometimes there are some storylines that didnt even make sense. I’m sure that the writers had a ball thinking of new plots to add on to the show.


Looking back, I definitely grew up with sci-fi, thanks to what what used to be SBC. Back then, there were so many memorable sci-fi’s. Even to this day, I could still remember, though little vaguely, the series “V”. And as the years went on, I continued to enjoy a variety of sci-fi like, The outer limits, Quantum Leap, Star Trek : The new generation, Earth : Final Conflict and others. I even had embarrassing crushes on the following actors – Boybands? Never cared about them. But these guys on the other hand …

Jerry O’Connell in Sliders

Jerry O'Connell in Sliders

I seriously had a crush on Quinn Mallory in sliders. He was cute, he was smart, he was a gentleman and he was an all time good guy.

Jonathan Brandis in Seaquest

Jonathan Brandis in Seaquest

What can I say? He is a greek god, especially while he was swimming. Gosh, what a dreamy. Gone too soon though. Rest in peace, Jonathan.

Teal’c in Stargate

Teal'C in Stargate

That shiny forehead was the ultimate sexah. No questions asked.

Too bad Singapore didnt produced any Sci Fi. The closest that we ever had that graced our local tv here was VR-Man. It didnt last for too long after its low ratings. I didnt find it all that bad though. Its an accidental comedy! Its was hillarous! I enjoyed watching it! There should be action figures and everything! VR Man will save us!

James Lye is shocked

No? Oh well.

(I’m still hopeful though …)

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  1. Oh yucks!! VR man!! Oh dear lord!! My eyes!! Arrrghhh!!

    Of all the sci-fi shows on local TV, my favourite is still Battlestar Galactica, with V coming in a close second. I remember making the laser gun they used in V using Lego blocks. So fun!!

  2. Moby

    Was there a V Lego set? I dont remember that. Sounds like a whole load of fun, I bet!

    (adds in sound effects)

    Diu! Diu diu diu diuuu!!


    But superheros are nothing but people in tights who already have superpowers. Thats just too easy πŸ˜› Hehehe


    I dont think Diana Ser would be too happy about that πŸ˜›



    Heyyy-ya! Teal’c is really charming ok πŸ˜› You’re challenging his masculinity by comparing him to Kumar πŸ˜›

    Poor Teal’c πŸ˜›

  3. Sometimes I wish the series on mediacorp or mediaworks were sold on dvd or vcd (not just PCK or Under one roof). It would be nice to keep them and be able to watch them whenever we wanted. What do you think, Edroos?

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