I am fat

Even in her 50’s, my mum is an exercise buff. Since being interested in exercise some years back, she is now currently participating in various activites, such as line dancing, kebaya-robics and conducting an aerobics class herself!

Mum and her aerobics class

Now that she’s already completed her Basic Exercise Course, she is currently persuing her Advanced Exercise Course that will make her a qualified aerobics trainer. Wow! I really admire her determination.

That makes me reflect about myself.

Rinaz at 12 years old
This is me at 12 years old

I used to be a really skinny kid. For years, I’ve been pretty much that way. I’d enjoy my daily run in the Jurong Lake Park.

Rinaz at about 22 years old

This is me at about 22 years old

But since I’ve started working, I’ve really neglected myself. I don’t exercise at all and it shows. Clothes that were loose some years back, are really very snug now. Some of which, were deemed as inappropriate by my mum that she actually threw it away!

My weight in 2005

My weight in 2005. I’m 65kg now.

Sometimes I look at myself and I wonder how I got so large. (Ok, so I binge eat a lot) Back in school, I’d never go more than 50 kilograms. Nowadays, I’d be lucky if I dont tip the 65kg mark. Lets face it, I’m almost overweight.

I grew so large!
My arms are as large as Brennan’s thighs

I’m more or less fine with the way that I look actually. In fact, I actually like my voluptiousness. Women should not berate themselves for not being skinny enough. A woman’s self worth should not be measured by slimness of her waist.

But the truth is, it does get depressing when trying to buy new clothes, finding that you need several size larger than what you normally used to wear.

It is even worse now that I feel more lethargic than have ever felt before. I can’t do 2.4 km without gasping of air. Just climbing up the stairs will leave me panting.

Dinner with the pingsters at Hajah Maimunah

Just on Monday, after having dinner with some of the ping.sg gang, I was so tired, that I dropped my scooter and almost couldn’t concentrate on the road.

This is bad.

Luckily for me, I have my mum for guidance. Even my good friend Juli is asking me to join her for Hatha Yoga. At least with friends, they give you some form of motvation. Hopefully it won’t be so bad after all.

Just signed up for the course at the newly opened Jurong West Sports Complex and was just astounded at how lovely the place was. I explored the building and I found the place to be as posh as a country club.

The view from the Jurong West Sports Complex

The view from the gym and the dance hall was really picturesque. In the distance, you can see bungalows and a temple, all surrounded by trees.

And I don’t even have to pay that much for attending a course here as the sports complex is government funded. 12 sessions is about $76. I think that’s more affordable than a commercial one.

I think I will like it here.

p.s I don’t believe in diet pills and I don’t intend to take it.

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  1. don’t worry much about being fat..

    you should measure your body fats % instead. and you can only find that out by doing a MRI.

    btw, looking at your weight, you’re doing well!

  2. Don’t believe all those perfect models on magazine covers! I just talked with a photographer from a men’s mag and he told me they do a LOT of Photoshop on them 🙂

    I think you’re fine as long as you’re okay with your weight, and you’re healthy. You can try traineo.com, it has a large community of weight watchers to encourage you!

    All the best! – YH

  3. ello rinaz! 🙂 hey i was planning to check out the classes being offered at jurong west sports complex as well, wld love to join some kickboxing or step classes – wanna go with me? my gym membership is getting too expensive for me, so i’m gonna terminate once my contract ends next month. :p

    yah don’t try the pills… i personally know pple who take them, and there are side effects, like breathlessness, giddiness, etc etc. i think ur approach is very good – exercise’s the way to go! 🙂

    personally, i try not to get affected by my weight. everyone’s different – i may have more muscle mass, or my hormonal cycle’s gone all screwy resulting in more water retention, women are also generally heavier during their menses. i look instead at how i feel n look – am i fit? am i toned? do i look good in my clothes? are my babats getting out of hand? hahahaha.

    i think it’s very refreshing to find a lady who’s comfortable with the way u look, so keep up that mentality! 🙂 i’m yet to reach that stage myself, cos i do get affected when others comment on my looks/weight. 😛 it’s strange, cos 4-5 years back, i never even gave a hoot about my weight!

    in any case, i’ve embraced my chubby cheeks. i actually don’t want them to go away now, cos they only add on to my err, youthful countenance. *cough* hahaha

  4. We’re in the same boat, cousin. It’s good that we realise that ourselves coz people will keep on saying we’re not fat even when they’re half our size in real life.

    I was about to tell you to join Amore at JP, coz that’s where I am for the next two years. Then we could have motivated each other. My weight’s the same as yours I think. It’s been a long while since I stepped on a scale. Scale-phobia.

    And yeah, I’ve tried just about anything from pills, laxatives, lotions. They don’t work. Instead they hurt your stomach walls (laxatives) and makes me even more bloated (fat reducing/loss, sugar curbing pills). So I’m back to square one: exercise.

    But exercising also need commitment coz most of the time I’m out with friends/boyfriend or work late. Still need to find time to fit in my baking hobby. Wah, no time seh!

    Anyway, good luck on getting back to shape. My jaw dropped at how much you’re paying for 12 sessions there. I spent much much more than that! =X

  5. Hmm.. probably u aren’t stressed enough..LOL.. stress can make ppl lose weight! LOL.. go stress urself! LOL.. kidding lar..

    BUt i think it’s good that u recognise ur weight problem. Recognition is a good start. Probably aim to maintain what you have first, and slowly exercise and changing ur dietary habits as time goes. Oh, y not join ur mum! Having ur mum to accompany u to exercise should be fun and u will be able to last longer in ur exercise regime with a companion.

  6. I have never seen you in real life, but from the photos alone I don’t think you’re fat.

    It’s the mainstream media and their conspiracy with clothes labels that makes people, especially women, think that they are fat when they are just perfectly healthy.

    Like the stupid rage about size 0 in the US of A, where it’s claimed the long-term health and even lives of women trying to get into ‘shape’ to fit into them.

    Health is important, but at the same time, you only live once, so finding a good balance between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being able to enjoy the heavenly delights our palettes afford us is essential.

    And personally I think it’s just a case of making sure one does not over-indulge. 🙂

  7. Hey Rinaz,

    Remember me? I’m the guy who shook ur hand twice at Ping party. heeee..

    I have been “trying” to hit the gym, but been lazy. Your post really inspires me. Thanks!


  8. About your ‘Nirvana’ photo, are you sure you were 22?!? That means I was around 20 and I can’t believe how old we’re getting!


  9. Sicarii

    I dont think I’m fat either, hahaha but the numbers on the machine doesnt lie And it tells me that I should be thinking of losing some weight 😛

    But yes, self consciousness is largely exacerbated from mass media when it glorifies what it typically perceives as the ideal beauty. A slim waist, ample bosoms, clear skin, tumbling shiny hair … But to me, I think that ideal beauty is something that cannot be achieved.

    Lets take for example, in india, not too long ago, the ideal was that the people to have extra weight. That was considered beautiful.

    Centuries back, in europe, the ideal was to have fair, porcelain skin, brown skin was considered classless. But NOW I noticed that people want to have brown skin to appear chic and beautiful.

    Beauty ideals is quite warped. As long as we are happy with ourselves, I think its the most important. Hehehe 🙂

    Yes, you are right about maintaining a balance, moderation is the key 😀


    Oooh. I forgot about that, I need to measure my BMI too. The one you saw in the picture was me in 2005. Its a whole lot more now 😛 Hehehe. I’d probably be in the trim and fit club by now.. hehehe

    Yee Hung

    Thanks for dropping in my blog!

    Wish I was famous or rich enough to be in the magazines so that people can photoshop me too! Hahahah!

    I’m ok with what I look like, I think I should aim to be healthier though. And thank you so much for the link to traineo, its a great site!


    Wah loktor, how can I get to jeng jeng jeng hospital ah?


    The reason why I dont want to join the commercial fitness clubs is because its just way too expensive. Scary! I saw that one session could be about 20 – 50 dollars. Too much :

    I support subsidized courses all the way if they are as good as commercial ones 🙂

    Actually I think you look good, but to aim to be more healthy is good too 🙂 Yes, would be nice have a friend to have motivation to go to a fitness class. But I’m not so keen on going to the gym, not so fond of carrying things, hehehe

    And thank you for the kind words! *hugs*


    Commercial fitness clubs can cost heaps. Thats why its scary for me to even want to enter them. Its expensive, plus many do hard selling there, I dont like that …

    Yeah, I agree that its hard to exercise because of the time factor. Its so much easier when its back in school right? We had our own fitness sessions at least 2 times a week. Now we dont really have the time for that, with work, and then meetings with friends and loved ones.

    Would you contemplate on the sports club instead? I think the Jurong West one should be the closest to your home too. Hehehe


    Hey! Dont make fun of the big glasses and the clothes ok! That was the height of fashion. Think Steve Urkle. Its very very comfortable and I liked it 😀

    Oh, I’m quite the opposite when coming to stress, I tend to eat more when I do get stressed. Food tends to give me comfort. Oh well. I didnt join mum because her group is full of ladies chattering away … (shh dont tell her that) it gets quite daunting when you’re surrounded by them. Can you imagine that? Hahaha!!!

    And thank you for the kind words 🙂


    Yes! We need one of those in real life. A slider to change our looks any time we want 🙂 Hehehe


    You live in Jurong also right? Cool! West side people rocks! Me and Juli are starting on the 30th July. You could register from this website here and then click on ‘learn to play’ then choose on the course that you want. I’m taking Hatha Yoga Level one. 😀

    Min Thu

    Hahaha! Yes I remember you! You can shake my hand the third time too if you like, LOL!

    I think it will be easier with a friend to accompany and motivate, but then again, there’s always a place to meet new friends I think 🙂


    Ok, come to think about it, I might not be 22 even *thinks* It was December 2004, so that makes me … Hmm … 25? (looks at everyone rushing in to calculate my real age)


    Everyone changes with age 🙂

  10. Exercise is the best approach.

    Actually stress indirectly cause some people to gain weight.
    Eg, Some people eat junk food to “counter” / relieve stress.
    & stress makes some people feel more tired, thus “no mood” to exercise.

    So relax..
    and Yoga sounds good! =)

  11. rinaz, thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂

    to me (based on your pics), you look great.

    being healthy is all that matters.
    exercise is always good for health and helps relieve work stress.
    you could try meal replacements from ntuc, i’ve been using them to drop extra pounds i gain during work (blaming my work + colleagues) 😛

  12. Jurong West Sports Complex? Isn’t that where access to their gym (for students) is only $1.50?

    And I agree with Xinyun, you look great – not fat, just adorably chubby. Exercise is most usually fun – unless you do it alone, then it will just be a bore.

    Why not take part in Netball (Hehe. Sorry!) or some other sport that you are interested in? Your passion in the sport will drive you to exercise like mad – for the sake of the sport, anyway.

    Netball, netball!

    So, yeah. 😀

  13. UFC

    Yes, rest, relaxation, is good – thats the best reason to counter that people who are stressed will lose weight 😉 Hehehehe. We need to relax to concentrate on getting the achievements that we aim for 🙂


    You use powdered meals? How do you find it? Is it working well for you? I cant take diet meals though, I still need abit of bulk to feel satiated. If I ate powered meals, I’ll feel hungrier! Hehehehe 🙂


    Yes! Yes! I saw plenty of students from your school even, working out there. So I guess entry *is* $1.50 for students. Wow, thats pretty affordable, right? 🙂

    Erm netball?! o.O

    I prefer to cycle 😀


    Hahaha! I dare you to go up to a woman and use this line! 😀

    “I like you. I like a little bit of meat in my curry. Want to pop by my place and make some chappati?”


  14. Oh, yeah. With the introduction of bus service no. 185 at my area early this year, now I got a straight bus journey to Jurong West Sports Complex. I can sign up for simming classes as well.

    But sad, already signed up with Amore. Bright side is that at least it’s only 5 mins away from home. Hehe.

    4 more days to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Have you booked your copy yet? Time to nerd up! Hehe.

  15. Moby

    Even then, I dont think Hugh Grant will be very successful if he used that line to any average girl. They’ll think that he is cookoo! 😀


    Err … I’m not that much of a Harry Potter fan. Did you know that you can actually download the full book online somewhere? Its been leaked out. Wow!

  16. i think its good you’re making the initiative, its a good start

    everyone has to start somewhere

    no one is born buffed and fit, you’ve to work on it

    to me, i dun see it as a workout, its part of my life and lifestyle now. like eating and sleeping. if i dun run, play or do gym, i’ll feel something amiss

    its all a mindset, and u’re thinking in-line of that now .. so now what comes next is a exercise plan to suit ur condition and schedule

    gd luck

  17. Sha

    Like what they say, the first step is always the most difficult. Exercising was routine for me when I was in school so it didnt seem like a chore. Its just that when I was working, I didnt have the time, that slowly I got into this bad habit of not exercising at all.

    Guess I just have to motivate myself.

    Thank you for the good luck 🙂

    p.s. I love your bod 😛

  18. Hi there

    im still looking ard where to join any aerobics that is cheap i guess. Cause just stay ard jurong west st 91. Use to join bhangrarobic at woodlands area bt no longer stay there. I hoping to loose my weight to. trying very hard bt it seem doesnt work.

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