Behind the scenes of the Party

What you probably didnt see at the party :

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Additional thoughts :

I apologize on the behalf of the committee of that the party didnt flow too well. I know that many of the attendees had to wait for a long time and had to sit through a long and tedious speech by us.

I could probably explain the reasons why the event didnt run too smoothly, but looking back, we have done the best that we humanly can – no point berating ourselves anymore as what’s over is over.

I do thank everyone who gave their valuable feedback and comments through their blogs. I have to admit though that I felt VERY stressed out and couldnt sleep when I saw the negative comments.

But I think this is a learning process since this is our first time organizing such an event. I’m pretty sure that we’ll do much better in the next birthday bash – Thank you for coming to our first party! 🙂

P.s Vania! Did you come? I dont even know what you look like!

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  1. Just take all the comments positively and u will improve next time. Criticisms are part n parcel of our life, be it positive or negative.

    Anyway this video is much clearer than the 3-hour one. Well done.

    P/S: Why chillicrap doesn’t look like his avatar one?

  2. Arzhou

    Thank you! (And your two pretty bodyguards) for the wonderful cake. Wow, it was so yumsch, it was heavenly. Sigh 🙂

    Hahaha, I knew my hammer would be a hit! Should have bought more!


    Most importantly for any gatherings is to have fun, I am really happy to meet you and other wonderful people there for the first time. You guys are really funny, and great company 🙂

    P.s. We both need masks I think 😛


    Guess people have too high expectations of us? We’re not a professional institution. We’re a community run group and we all volunteered our time and energy to have the event.

    Moreoever the event was free, with free food, free coffee, free goodie bag … man … its really a tough audience there 😛 But yes, its a learning experience, I think we do need more time to get to know new members.


    Too bad you werent there. We really missed your cool, calm and collected presense there. Chillicraps is a really funny guy by the way, I’m sure you would have liked him 🙂


    It was just last night that I cannot sleep. I’m fine now more or less, thanks for asking 🙂 *hugs*

    Ms Loi

    Another person that we missed! Yes, chillicraps is a really funny guy, I’m sure you would have liked him too 🙂

    The Unchartered Waters

    Thanks, yes its a learning experience:)

    In regards to Chilicraps, I wouldnt expect him to come to the event with his tongue sticking out for the entire 3 hours though 😛

  3. Rinaz,
    I would like to apologize to you if I did make you feel bad about last nite.
    Well, if I were in your position I might not do a lot better. But as someone looking in from outside, I pointed out the things that can be done better.

    Take this as encouragement and pointers as I mentioned in my post.

  4. Very nicely edited video!

    Can I re-post it at’s official blog as a video summary for the event?

    Thanks Rinaz for the vid and for being a wonderful MC for the evening.

  5. hey rinaz,

    thousand apologies if our many comments gave you sleepless nites and send u on the verge of depression! as Tommy said, I proli wld not do well as a host. I might even freeze and get tongue-tied and all.

    it was nice meeting u, hope to meet up with the guys again soon…minus all the formalities (just a casual meet up and chat!)

  6. Rinaz!!! Thanks for vid!

    U and Brennan did well okie! We can’t please everyone and no time for that too!!!!! Hope to see u very soon. *hugs*

  7. Sylv

    Well I’ve uploaded the video direct to the host this time. You wont be able to see your face anymore, hahaha! Its just that in Dailymotion and Youtube, they tend to put in screenshots of the video what is directly in the middle 🙂


    Aww … come on, YOU are the bubbly one! With such an infectious smile 🙂 I’m just good at being a busybody … hehehehe *hugs*


    No 😛

    To summarize, the story is about a celebration for the party and some of the event didnt run as well as we thought.


    I only have windows movie maker. How to photoshop your face into a video lah. Next time,just turn up, guarantee can see your face 😛


    What? No, you never said anything bad to me. No worries! But yes, I agree with your comments that it could have been done better. There is always a first time to everything and this is definitely a learning experience for us.

    Next one will definitely be better 🙂


    Of course you can! I’d be honoured. *ego inflates*

    You could embed it with the daily motion link, the codes are all there and there is an option you can choose which size you want it to be 🙂


    Oh no, your comments to me wasnt bad at all. Trust me, what you said wasnt so bad I would lose sleep over what you said that night, you were really nice.

    It was really nice to meet you and your friend. Come on over our numerous casual outings 😀

    Sek Ling

    Yes, you are right. We cant please everyone. The most important part is that we make friends and enjoy ourselves right? I had fun meeting alot of new people. Hehehe

    Looking forward to see you soon, and have a great day out with uzyn and the parents 🙂


    Aww .. thank you! And thanks for dropping in my blog 🙂

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